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ZigZag and zoology ????

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Q: Two things beginning with the letter z other than zipper or zebra?
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What other things that begin with the letter z except zipper and zapper?

Things that begin with the letter z:zebra,zucchini,zoo,Zamboni machine,zucchetto,zero,zipper,zinger,

What do you wear that starts with a Z?

You wear a zipper on your pants, jacket and other things. A zipper is the answer.

What other words for zipper?

closure, fastener.

Is Oman the only country that begins with the letter O?

There are no other countries beginning with the letter 'O'.

How do you make a zipper stitch in lanyard string?

The zipper stitch is made with three strings. It involves taking one longer string and weaving it back and forth between the other two. You can see videos on the zipper stitch here:

Are there other flowers beginning with the letter s?

Sage is one tye of flower.

What Other names are there for the word cow beginning with the letter o?

Ox or oxen

Why is the structure of a DNA molecule often is described as a zipper?

because the shape is a double helix. so it looks like a zipper and connects to each other.

Why is the structure of a DNA molecule described as a twisted zipper?

because the shape is a double helix. so it looks like a zipper and connects to each other.

How do you replace a zipper insertion pin?

Generally, if the insertion pin or box pin (the other half) of the zipper is missing, you should replace the zipper. However, I have found that if an old (or new) zipper that has an insertion pin that will fit the box and slider of the zipper being repaired, carefully remove the pin, align it on the tape portion at zipper bottom, crimp it tightly with pliers, add a drop of super-glue and let dry for 15-20 minutes. You now have a repaired zipper. This works on metal insertion pins only. Plastic zippers cannot be repaired this way.

How did the zipper effect the global economy?

The success of the zipper led to the conception and development of many other innovations. Velcro, the plastic zipper, and resealable plastic bags all have origins that link directly back to the hookless fastener.

What is a word to describe a quail beginning with the letter u?

unique - they are different from other bird species