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There are many types of Travel Insurance available. The different types depend on the company that you choose. The website will give you a good idea of the different types of travel insurance as well as a quote of their prices.


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A number of insurance are available from Barclays Insurance. This includes: 5 types of home insurance, 3 types of travel insurance, car insurance, student possessions insurance, 3 types of student travel insurance, 3 types of life insurance and 2 types of health insurance.

The Post Office in the UK has 4 different types of travel insurance. They are single trip, annual multi-trip, long trip, and explorer travel insurance.

Mainly there are two types of insurance available 1) Life Insurance 2 ) general Insurance. General Insurance covers all the Insurance ( Auto, home, health, travel, business etc. Types of insurance includes: Accident Insurance Car Insurance Health Insurance Home Insurance Hospital Insurance Travel Insurance many others too.

The majority of travel agencies sell a variety of different types of travel insurance. Simply ask a travel agent at your local travel agency and they will be able to help find the appropriate travel insurance.

AMA offers several types of insurance including home insurance, property owners, travel insurance, motor insurance, commercial insurance and caravan insurance.

IAG offers many types of insurance. They include life insurance, term insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, etc.

Lloyd TSB insurance sells many types of insurances. Some insurances are home insurance, mobile insurance, travel insurance, and payment protection insurance.

Direct Travel Insurances provides many types of policies,both standard and customized. Some of the policy types include Single Trip insurance, Annual coverage, Backpacker and Ski insurance.

AIG has many types of insurance. They offer life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, business insurance, and even travel insurance. Those are the only five they offer.

The insurance company E Sure currently offers four different types of insurance. The types of insurances offered are home, travel, pet and car insurance.

AIG offers life insurance, home insurance, health and business insurance. They even offer travel insurance.

Virgin Money offers life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, and travel insurance.

It is a site that offers travel insurance for all types of travelers, whether staying at hotels or back packing around the world. It offers cost for different travel experiences. You can get insurance for all types of sports. It will give you a quote on line.

American International Group offer many types of insurance cover to their customers. They offer general insurance, life insurance, retirement plans and travel insurance.

Insure and Go Travel Insurance offers several different types of travel insurance. They offer insurance for a one time single trip, or for multiples trips in a year to the same location. They also offer backpacker's insurance.

The American Association of Retired Persons, AARP, offers Medicare, long-term care insurance, automobile insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. It is intended for improving the quality of life for seniors age 50 and over.

AAMI offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and business insurance. This insurance is primarily available in Australia.

USSA offers many different types of insurance. Some examples of insurance that USAA offers are auto, home and property, and life. USAA also offers umbrella insurance, business insurance, and travel insurance.

The following types of travel insurance is needed to travel in the UK: Insure and Go, Thomas Cook, Flight Centre, Independent Traveller, AXA UK, Flexi Cover, Top Dog Insurance.

AXA UK is an insurance company that offers the following types of insurance: car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and van insurance.

Traveling overseas can be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences in a person's life. Since this kind of travel can be exorbitantly expensive, businesspeople should look for opportunities to take overseas business trips at company expense. Lest tropical dreams turn into travel nightmares, however, travelers are encouraged to look at overseas travel insurance. This specialized type of insurance is available to fit any budget, and can be a lifesaver in case of a travel delay, property loss, or medical emergency. As with other types of insurance, consumers should be willing to compare quotes from several different travel insurance agencies before making a commitment.

Meloche Monnex is a Canadian insurance company. They offer many types of insurance including car insurance, homeowners insurance, and travel insurance.

Tesco Insurance offers many different insurance options. They offer automobile insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and many other options.

TD offers a wide range of insurances. A couple of them are: car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, health insurance and business insurance.

There are many different types of travel packages available for seniors. The best way to find them is by doing research. You can also enlist the help of a travel agent to help you find what the best deals are.

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