UV pool systems

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UV Systems use use a method of ruining water trough ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and sanitize pool.

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Q: UV pool systems
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UV Ultraviolet pool systems?

Let's begin with your pool equipment. In order for your pool water to be cleaned it must be circulated. The pool pump is the source for circulating the pool water. The pump draws water from the pool and is directed to the filter. The filter does exactly what it is named for. It traps particles and debris. After the water is filtered it is directed to your UV Pool Sanitizer. The filtered water enters the inlet of the UV System. Water flows through the length of the UV chamber. It is inside the chamber that microorganisms absorb powerful UV light. It is this light energy that destroys or inactivates these 'bugs'. A majority of residential pool owners use some form of chlorine to sanitize the water. They normally maintain anywhere from 1 part per million to 3 part per million (ppm) in chlorine. With the addition of UV Systems you can now save up to 70% in the cost of chlorine. Wouldn't it be encouraging to know that you can rely on your UV System when the sanitizer level falls below the norm? Once the water leaves the UV chamber it is returned to your pool. Many pools have a chlorine feeder which can be metered so you can control the level of chlorine. The amount of chlorine in the pool water is called sanitizer residual. We have field studies and reports from customers that are maintaining their chlorine residual at 0.3 part per million (ppm), 0.5 ppm and 1.0 ppm. It's possible that your drinking water could have a chlorine reading higher than .3 ppm. Pool owners that have sensitivity issues toward chlorine can now enjoy the benefits of UV System by maintaining a lower than normal chlorine residual. If given a choice wouldn't you rather swim in less chemicals anyway? Swim in a clean fresh smelling swimming pool with UV .

Uv generator work in a Saltwater pool?

Yes the same principle should aply too any pool.

Is the salt system better for hospital pools?

Salt systems are nice, however, I have seen a customer turn a salt water pool system into a battery. NOT GOOD.. I would recommend using a UV System.

Are uv systems and salt systems on pools same thing?

No. A salt system uses plain table salt to generate chlorine - hypochlorous acid - and sodium hydroxide. This means that it will raise your pool's pH, which will result in you needing more of a pH-lowering chemical such as muriatic or dry acid. People who use a salt-water pool will notice that the water feels much softer than a traditional pool. There is, however, still chlorine in the water. A UV system is less common. It is used as a secondary sanitizer only, as it helps to kill some organisms that are resistant to chlorine. It does not affect your pool chemistry significantly, and can be used in conjunction with a salt system.

How is UV used to disinfect a pool?

The water is run through very strong ultraviolet light.

What is the ozone layer basic?

A basic ozone layer is a pool of ozone molecules. They absorb the UV.

What happen to most uv radiation?

Most of the high frequency UV radiations are absorbed by the ozone layer. This layer is present as a pool of ozone molecules inside the atmosphere.

What is ozone for kids?

Ozone layer is a pool of ozone molecules. It protects us from harmful UV rays.

How can I get a tan like some of the start in Hollywood?

Hollywood Tans, the largest chain of professional tanning salons offering unique vertical tanning systems, you will get the most luxurious UV and UVHollywood Tans, the largest chain of professional tanning salons offering unique vertical tanning systems, you will get the most luxurious UV and UV

What is a solar pool cover typically made of?

Most pool covers are typically made of a UV-stabilized polyethylene or polypropylene; some are also made with a deterioration resistant vinyl.

Does an above ground pool still heat up when t it's a cloudy day?

It will heat up some but not as much as under direct sun. You can get a sunburn on a cloudy day because the clouds do not block UV as well as IR however the UV doesn't do much to heat up a pool.

Name four disinfection methods used to treat swimming pool and spa water?

Chlorine, bromine, uv, ozone.

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