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Ultima weapon kingdom hearts 2?


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yeah you can only get the ultima key blade in the synazise thingo


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In both games, you need to synthesise the Ultima Weapon. In Kingdom Hearts 1, synthesize all items. In Kingdom Hearts 2, find the Ultima Weapon Recipe in Twilight Town and get all the necessary items for it.

No. There are no codes for Kingdom Hearts 2.

You have to synthesize it in the Moogle Shop

You have to synthesise special materials together

through a synthesis at a moogle store.

Ultima Weapon In Kingdom Hearts 2 is the 'ultimate weapon' keyblade for sora. You can make this weapon from the moogle's shops. To make it, it takes a lot of rare items to finally create it. The Fenrir (The keyblade after defeating Sephiroth) Is stronger than the ultima weapon in certain ways, and the ultima weapon is stronger then the fenrir in certain ways also. Hope I help in any way

Strongest~Ultima Weapon and Oblivion Weakest~Sweet Memories

The best weapons are The Ultima Weapon and Fenrir. You have to synchronize The Ultima Weapon and you need to defeat Sephiroth to get Fenrir.To Sync the Ultima weapon you need a lot of items and I suggest you look up some sort of guide online.

The Ultima Weapon is the most powerful with 12 power and 2 magic.

they are nemed oblivion and oathkeeper. Incorrect. The 2 legendary keyblades in the original are Ultima Weapon and Fenrir.

In my opinion the Ultima Keyblade is the longest Keyblade in Kingdom hearts 2

The only way to get the Ultima Weapon is to create it in the Moogle Shop. It's best to save your items until you are able to create it, that way you don't have to hunt the materials down.

yes in kingdom hearts 2 there is a hidden key blade its long and complated to explain go to youtube and type in how to get ultima weapon and the video sould show you how to gat it

From what I've heard, I think you have to find Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy) and beat him then you'd get the Ultima Weapon.

it looks lik this: it's ability MP Hastega attack 6 magic 4

You must make all the items, I believe and once you have enough, you get the Ultima Weapon that would be available in Free Development.

there are two ultima and ferir weapons

The Edge of Ultima is not a Keyblade that can be used in the actual game; it can only be obtained through cheating.

The BEST keyblade is based on opinion, although the strongest (in terms of strength) is the Fenrir Keyblade, obtained after you defeat Sephiroth.

well the best are the Ultima weapon. you need to find all of the items for that. the strongest one is fenrir keyblade which you get after you beat sephiroth

Nope, only one way, and there are oly 7 orchilium+ in the game, and that's the minimum needed for the ultima weapon

I have gained the ultima weapon and it's a flower sword,kinda gay but very powerful and worth finding all 50 of the required materials

Ultima definitely Bladeofblades: As a personal owner of both of these, Ultima is overall stronger. If you just like to beat things up, Fenrir is your choice. If you fight using a balanced style, Ultima is your friend.

To get the Ultima Weapon (Ability panel, not a weapon) (Moogle's last Challenge award), you have to earn every single Challenge Sigil, then talk to Moogle to Redeem your prize. It's the hardest thing in the game, because then you have to practically beat everything again but with more difficulty (such as no damage, no missing, etc.).

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