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Yes you should because she is going to be marrying a down-right liar that could ruin the rest of her life. You'd better have proof that you have had a relationship with her fiance because she won't believe what you're saying otherwise. Love can be blind.


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He would be your fiance. Example: This is my fiance John.

When a couple gets engaged the woman is called 'fiancee' and the male is 'fiance.'

Tell your fiance that your really sorry, but he is not the right guy for you. Call off the wedding.

No - he has no reason to be associating with an ex. He needs to politely ask her not to bother you both anymore.

* Sometimes when two friends are very close and one has a boyfriend or gets engaged it can be pure jealousy on your friends part mainly because she knows you will be spending more time with your fiance and not her. Friends are very precious so take time out and meet with her and ask her why she is so abusive towards your fiance. If she continues then tell her if she can't respect your fiance and continues to treat him with disrespect then you will have to end the friendship. Hopefully she will come around before that happens.

DONT get engaged yet!!! You should wait till you are 21!!!!!!!!! Trust me, it isn't worth it!!!!

Confront him/her and tell the truth, if you are or aren't having a(n) affair with her boyfried/husband/fiance.

No. if hes asking u 2 marry him dump him becuose his way 2 into this

If the engagement ring you gave your fiance is a family heirloom (passed down from generation to generation) then she should give you the ring back. If you bought her the engagement ring then it's hers to keep. If and when you get engaged again your next fiance would not want a ring you had given another woman.

Yes, Depending on your relationship/friendship with that person.

You have to decide what type of girl you would want to date. A young woman that is engaged; flirting and giving out her phone number to you is cheating on her fiance. Now, would you trust someone like this to be your girlfriend? If wise you would not. She is not only using and eventually hurting her fiance, but she will end up hurting you. Tell her in a nice way she is engaged and to not get in touch with you again. You will end up saving yourself a lot of heartache.Drop her like a hot rock. Her basic honesty is suspect. If she will cheat on her fiance, what makes you think you would get better treatment.


You can give your fiance his wedding gift the day before the wedding or on your wedding night as it should be private when the two of you exchange gifts.

You should be engaged longer then two months!!

'Fiance' (and the related 'fiancee') are common nouns. they should be capitalised only when they are the beginning of a sentence or when used as a proper noun.

She is enjoying being engaged, she's in love with her fiance Adam and she's just trying to keep her relationship out of the public eye and her decision should be respected, not something that's frowned upon and criticized. Shame more celebs don't follow her example.

You should first make sure you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are ready to become engaged. Then you should make sure you are financially stable to buy an expensive ring.

You should bring as many email and skype messages from your fiance to the Manila Embassy interview that will prove a continuing relationship with your fiance.

what should i get my boyfriend for his 22nd birthday what should i get my boyfriend for his 22nd birthday

Well if you are a girl you should let your boyfriend find a boyfriend to be happy with.

As my personal i think you should only if they agree and only if they both like you. If you think that you will interfere don't. If you like the fiance then you shouldn't so you don't interfere

It's possible your fiance's parents may not want him to get married and would rather he is settled into his education; career before thinking of marriage. Communication is the key in any good relationship and it's time for you to sit down with your fiance and tell him that together you are going to tell his parents you are engaged. If he refuses then he's immature and if over 18 he is no longer a minor and should be able to make his own decisions and if he does refuse then give him the engagement ring back.

This is normal and you should not worry to much about it.

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