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The tiny mouse cowered in the corner.

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Q: Use cower in a sentence?
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How do you use the word cower in a sentence?

The word "cower" is a verb meaning to duck or take cover in fear. An example of a sentence using the word "cower" is "The falling debris caused people to cower and panic. "

How would you use the word cower in a sentence?

I would cower behind the sofa.I watched them all cower in fear.

How can you use cower on a sentence?

Well Cower means to hide and shield yourself. So you would use something like this, "She ran and cowered in a corner."

Use the word cower in a sentence?

I cowered in fear of what might happen.

What is a sentence for cower?

I wasn't going to cower ever again. The family decided to cower in the basement while the tornado hit. Some children will cower after being scolded.

Sentence with cower?

Cower behind a wall and spend a bit of time looking around.

A sentence with the word cower?

The runaway boar hog made my pet dog cower in the yard!

A sentence for the word cower?

The children cower in the corner after being disciplined. To survive the tornado and remain safe, the family chose to cower in a corner of their basement.

What is a sentence with the word cower?

The man with the stoic look, and the malicious heart, had to cower in fear when he was attacked by the birds.

What is a sentence using the word cower?

All the girl could do was cower in fear.The boy would cower anytime he saw a spider.When you cower, you try to make yourself physically smaller.

Can you writ a sentence using cower?

My cat, would cower and hide in the corner every time she knew she did something wrong.

Can you put cower into a sentence?

I cowered in the corner due to the monster coming towards me. When the bull charged, the cow didn't even cower.

A sentence with cower?

Reading a book of scary fairy tales made Lisa cower under her blanket last night. Some synonyms for the word cower are wince, tremble, cringe, and crouch.

How could you use the word cower in a sentence?

"The man cowered in fear as he looked over his shoulder and saw the giant monster."

How do you write a sentence using cower?

To cower means to cringe/ shy away from something. ie. "The dog cowered when the door slammed shut".

Cower in a sentence?

'I didn't want to be caught alone again in an air-raid drill and have to cower on the back stairs wondering whether this time it was for real.'

What word family is cower in?

The word 'cower' is a verb: cower, cowers, cowering, cowered.The verb 'cower' means to crouch down in fear.

What is the verb for coward?

The verb for coward is cower. As in "to cower from something".

What is the last part of audacious is to cower as what is to what?

Audacious is to cower as timid is to tremble.

Synonym and antonym for cower word?

Some synonyms for "cower" are cringe, recoil, and tremble. An antonym for "cower" is come out. Please see the related link below.

What birds name also means cower?

This bird's name also means "to cower"

Is cower an action verb?

Yes, the verb 'to cower' is an action verb; a word for the act of cowering.

What is the difference between the meanings and usage of cower and coward?

Cower is an action word; it is a verb. You say that a person will cower in the corner when afraid. Coward is a noun, describing the sort of person who would cower in the corner. John is a coward. He cowers in the corner when the dog barks.

What are some other words to use in place of start?

begin, commence, initiate or, depending on your use of start: jump, cower

What is the meaning of the word 'cower'?

The definition of the word 'cower' is the action of flinching or visually showing fear. It is usually used to describe a cowardly action. For example: He cowered in the face of danger.