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Use delta in a sentence?


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you can use delta in a sentence like

  • what is delta
  • how can delta be use
  • or like delta is important to somethings

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The delta is a part of a river.Control, Delta team is in position.

the delta of the mississippi is near mexico and in canada

The canoes are hidden in a stand of rushes down in the delta.

If you have seen a river split into the ocean then you have seen a DELTA!

Use the world delta as a squad or position in the army like delta squad breaching or something like that, be creative

A delta can be up 500 feet wide.

" Delta Airlines is highly-reputed ; yet, it needs to improve more."

The Nile Delta runs into the Mediterranean Sea.

My sorority club in college was Delta.

This sentence does: They sailed down river to the delta.

The waterways of this delta change every year.

The Mississippi River delta is in the state of Louisiana. The Greek letter delta is part of our fraternity's name.

my mom said we are going on a delta airplane to orlando florida

The delta begins just beyond this cataract.

One of my spelling words is delta. OR. A creek drains into a river and often forms a delta.

The Durham Bulls use Delta.

I think people use the Ganges delta for resources.

Delta is a plane company so

Let's go check out the delta.

delta are land formed in the mouth of the river and then it makes a deposit of silt , sand, and pebbles

The river makes many sinuous turns before reaching the delta. The sinuous moves of the cobra do not confuse the mongoose.

The Grand Canyon & and The NIle Delta are Formed by deposition

The sediment carried by the river is filling up the delta.

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