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He was utterly infatuated with her.

My mother's infatuated with dieting.

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She became infatuated with her new coworker after their first meeting.

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Q: Use infatuated in a sentence
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Infatuated in a sentence?

Mark was infatuated with Rachel, unable to stop thinking about her throughout the day.

What is a sentence for the word infatuated?

James glanced at Maria and realized just how infatuated he was with her beauty.

A sentence using the word infatuated?

Marc is so infatuated with Ashley, he believes she can do no wrong.

Does the sentence I am infatuated with your love Make sense And if so what does that exactly mean?

Not really a good use of the word. Infatuated means hopelessly in love, head over heels in love, passionate about, so to be infatuated with somebody's love is not really correct. You are more likely to be infatuated with somebody. I am infatuated with Nicola, she's so beautiful.

What does red flute do Pokemon emerald?

If you Pokemon is infatuated by your oppenent you can use this in battle to stop your Pokemon from being infatuated.

How do you use enamor in a sentence?

He was completely enamored with the woman. It means to be in love with, infatuated with, bewitched by, etc.

What is the Tagalog of infatuated?

Tagalog of infatuated: nabighani

How do you use infatuation in a sentence?

"Most readers of Romeo and Juliet agree that the title characters were experiencing an infatuation, not love.""His infatuation with donuts made him gain a lot of weight."

What is a word for secretly in love?


What is a synonym for infatuated?

Obsessed , enraptured ,

Can you be infatuated with someone?

It could happen

What do you have toward someone that means to be infatuated?

You can have a crush on someone.