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Use of cell phones improve productivity?

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Instead of dropping in unexpectedly, many are using the technology to check in with coworkers to see when they are available. Many also use the technology to get quick answers to general questions or to inquire about current work tasks instead of engaging in longer face-to-face conversations. "We find that employees are quite strategic in their use of instant messaging. They are using it to check in with their colleagues to find out if they're busy before interrupting them in a more intrusive way," Garrett said. Because of its unique setup, instant messaging allows users to control how and when they communicate with coworkers. The technology gives people the ability to flag their availability or postpone responses to a more convenient time, and because it is socially acceptable to ignore or dismiss a message, many use the technology to put off more disruptive conversations, he said.

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How do cell phones use electricity?

cell phones use electricity by the electrical wires outside

How long do kids use their cell phones everyday?

Kids must not use cell phones.

A funny cell joke?

What kind of phones do prisoners use? ''cell phones''

What are uses of cell phones?

The use of cell phones is to communicate with each other....

How did the first people use phones?

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Advantages and the disadvantage of cell phones?

Instant communication / Instant interruption Constant production / Constant distraction Higher productivity for people who use the phone for business / Lower productivity for people who take time away from the job to chat. Being reached in the car / Accidents due to cell phone use by drivers

Countries that use cell phones the most?

USA uses the most cell phones

Do Blackberry phones use the same chargers as other cell phones?

No, they do not have the same charger as all other cell phones but a Blackberry charger will be similar to some cell phones.

How does a cell phone use electromagnets?

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

Are most accidents caused by use of cell phones?

Yes just about 66% of people die with the use of cell phones

How many people use their cell phones as alarm clocks?

8.7% or people use their cell phones as alarm clocks.

Why should you use your cell phones in class?

None pupil can use cell phones in class. The reason is simple to understand.

Whey are phones called cell phones?

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.

How do cell phones affect people today?

they could use their cell phones to cheat on a test

Benefits of Touch Screen Cell Phones?

It's amazing to consider just how far touch screen technology has come over the past five years. What was once a very specialized technology is now used in a broad range of consumer electronics, including a heavy amount of usage in cell phones. Touch screen cell phones have revolutionized the meaning of what a cell phone actually is, and this can transfer into a lot of benefits for their users. For starters, touch screen technology has made touch screen cell phones ideal for use as productivity trackers. This is because users can access a broad range of productivity applications that can be easily navigated.

How do people communicate in Chile?

They use phones and cell phones and they have mail.

Why do you have cell phones?

so that we can easily communicate with others while on the go. If we didn't have cell phones, then we would have to use house phones or payphones.

Do blind people use cellphones?

Not all blind people use cell phones but I bet at least 40% of blind people use cell phones.

Should people be allowed to use cell phones on the subway?

people should use their cell phones in public because the have the right to.duhhh

How many cell phones?

As of December 2008, there are 271,000,000 cell phones in the U.S., about 88 percent of the population.In the world, there are 4,100,000,000 cell phones in use.For a full list of countries and number of cell phones, see related links.

What percentage of 13 year olds have cell phones?

94% have cell phones.most use incase of emergencies

How many cell phones are there in the world?

As of December 2008, there are 271,000,000 cell phones in the U.S., about 88 percent of the population.In the world, there are 4,100,000,000 cell phones in use.For a full list of countries and number of cell phones, see related links.

Where can I compare cell phones?

One can use websites like to compare cell phones. Also one can compare cell phones on their own by visiting and looking at cell phone reviews.

What do you use cell phones for?

to phone people

How do cell phones use light?

by love