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Certain chemical reactions require use of distilled water.

Engines in our cars need distilled water.

It is good practice to use distilled water for drinking purposes.

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Q: Use of distilled water
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Why you use distilled water for sterilization?

Distilled water has not impurities and dangerous microorganisms.

Can you use distilled water to grow and hatch triops?

Yes but dont use still water distilled is the best

Can distilled water can use as electrolite in batteries?

Electrolyte is 35% Sulfuric acid and 65% distilled water. You can add distilled water to a battery that is low, but distilled water alone cannot be used as an electrolyte.

Can you use demineralized in your sleep apena machine they only use distilled water?

Deionized water can be used in place of distilled.

Can you use drinking water in batteries?

No, use distilled water.

Can you use purified water in place of distilled water?

yes,because distilled water is just like purified water

Can you use purified water instead of distilled in a battery?

You cannot use purified water instead of distilled in a battery because it will conduct electricity. Only distilled water has been proven to interrupt the conduction of electricity.

Can you use boiled water in battery?

No, only use distilled water.

Can you use purified water in batteries?

No, use only Distilled Water.

Why use distilled water for dilution in the lab?

Distilled water is used because it has a pH of 7 (Acid = Alkali) Where as non distilled water can a have a pH of between 5 and 9.

Do doctors use distilled water for injections?

doctors are using Water for Injection not a distilled water,as distiiled water is not pure and pyrogen free.

Can fish live in half distilled half tap water?

You should not use distilled water in a fish tank as it is missing vital minerals. Distilled water is basically water collected from steam

Do plants grow better in distilled water or tap water?

They do better in distilled because tap water has chlorine that affects the plant growth. Use distilled water for better looking and healthy plants.

What type of water do you use with a CPAP machine?

Distilled water

When you use an autoclave fill the water reservoir with?

distilled water

Can you use DI water in batteries?

Yes, you can use DI water or Distilled water but never use tap water.

Why should you wash a precipitate with distilled water?

you have to use distilled water so that you don't add additional ions to your precipitate.

What does distilled water do in an ups?

You have an UPS with a motorcycle battery in it, correct? You use the distilled water to top off the electrolyte in the cells.

Can you use bottled water to keep the RES turles in?

No you cant it has to be distilled water they cant have that water bottle kind i have three and i use distilled water. But if you go to petsmart or petco they have these drops you put in the water so you can use like sink water.

Is arrowhead water distilled?

Arrowhead sells multiple types of water. If you see 100% mountain spring water on their label, then its not distilled. That means it still has naturally occurring fluoride and other minerals in it. If you see Distilled water on label, then the water could be distilled municipal /well water. Do not use distilled water for daily use as it does not have necessary minerals. But distill water is probably better than drinking tap water or spring water as "No Fluoride poison in it!"

What type of water do you use in clothes irons?

It's best to use distilled water.

Can you use deionized water in tattooing instead of distilled?

Yes. Essentialy deionized and distilled water are the same because distilled water is just water that has all ions taken out and therefore wont carry and electrical charge.

Are there any difference between distilled water used for batteries and distilled water used for terbine washing?

No, distilled water is distilled water.

If a grocer wanted to keep his fresh vegetables fresh and crispy would he spray distilled water salt water or no water at all on them?

Of the three, he would use distilled water. In reality he would use tap water.

What are the pharmaceutical use of purified and distilled water?

All processes in the pharmaceutical industry uses strictly controlled demineralized or distilled water.