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This very well could be true, if you had tint work done, it tis very easy to damage those antennas with a rasor while peeling off old tint

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What is antenna role in space communication?

it receives signals and sends out signals

What receives or transmits radio signals?


What does an antenna do?

Radiates and/or receives radio signals.

Which type of signals are received by antenna?

The signal is 1080i

Can a uhf antenna pick up vhf signals as well?

Yes, a UHF antenna can pick up VHF signals, but not well. The size difference makes the uhf antenna "inefficient" for the longer vhf wave length, but some energy can be received by the uhf antenna.

How do wireless antennas share information?

they dont. An antenna is simply a piece of metal hooked to a device (normally a radio or a walkie-talkie). A receiver (for example, a radio) pick up electrical signals from the antenna, and a transmitter sends them to the antenna. They can be combined to form a transceiver which then sends and receives signals from the antenna.

Does aluminum block cell phone signals?

It can, if it is not connected to the antenna. But it would have to block reflected signals on all sides.

How do insects use their antenna for smell?

Insects use their antenna to smell. Located on their antenna are olfactory sensilla which can detect chemical signals that are emitted by plants and other insects.

A directional antenna issues wireless signals along direction?


Can a VHF antenna pick up UHF signals radio?


A directional antenna issues wireless signals along a?

the correct answer is single direction

Where is the yagi antenna used?

mainly it is used in transmission and reception of TV signals

How do you spell intena?

The word is spelled antenna. A good example sentence using this word is, "Most cars have an antenna on them to pick up radio signals."

What is a high gain antenna, and how do I use it?

A high-gain antenna is an antenna which allows for precise targeting of radio signals due to it's use of a narrow radio wave beam. To use a high-gain antenna you should put attach it to a high, clear surface to allow it maximum range to receive and send radio signals. A good place would be the roof of your house.

How does a mobile phone send and receive signals?

Cord2) Antenna 3) Satellite

What is wireless antenna?

it sends out wicrowave radiation which carrys information which is then received by something like your computer and transfered into on screen information.

What is a camera that records video as digital signals instead of analog signals?


What camera that records video as digital signals instead of analog signals?

A sony

What is an active antenna?

An active antenna is an antenna which has an amplifier attached very closely to it. The antenna/amplifier system is called an active antenna. It is used for receiving signals only. The idea is to set the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) before the signal travels along a transmission line where it is susceptible to interference and loss.

Will a plasma TV work with an antenna?

A plasma TV set is just like any other TV set on the market. It can accept video/audio signals from an VHF/UHF antenna if it has an aerial VHF/UHF antenna input. It can also accept DVB-C or DVDB-S or DVB-T through the same antenna input. You have to refer to the manual that came with your plasma TV set to see what types of signals it can receive through its antenna input.

Do HDTV's work without cable?

Yes, you can connect an antenna to it and receiver OTA digital signals.

Why does a GPS have an antenna?

Because in order to do what it's supposed to do, it has to receive signals directly from orbiting satellites.

Why would someone need an HDTV antenna?

You would need an HDTV antenna when you can get all of your channels and when you get bad signals. This is when the picture don't play clearly and it has bunch of lines.

How a remote control works?

A remote control sends electrical signals from a transmitter that is its antenna. The airplane which is controlled by it receives these signals through a receiver and it perfoms the function.

Why is a dish required to receive satellite signals?

The dish is the antenna. The dish shape causes signal that hits a larger area (the surface of the dish) to be concentrated on the actual antenna (the lnb).