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Before I can answer your question, I'll need to know what you mean... do you want to know how to print the image that you are playing on currently on poptropica? If so, all you have to do is either go to "file" and then "Print page" if you have that bar. If not, there is also a section on the bottom right section of the tool bar that has a house, then a dot with two lines next to it, then an image of a printer. If you have this, click on the arrow to the right of the computer, and then select "print" (If you want to see how it looks, select "print preview") Thanks, and enjoy! :-D

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What is the coad to us the printer on poptropica?

the code is fuzzybunny

What is Line printer and the advantages of using a line printer?

impact printer

Does the printer that you buy at the poptropica store really work with your printer?

Yes, it does. So be careful about using up all the ink in your computer's printer! When you select a photo or style to print, the program sends a specific image to your home printer. You can also use this feature in the Avatar Studio and to print paintings at the sidewalk artist on Counterfeit Island.

How does one configure a matrix printer?

A matrix printer can be configured by using ESC or another ASCII code. The configuration of the printer is then taken care of on the printer itself using the menu buttons.

How do you get out of the vent called the printer room in poptropica?

you go back thro the vent

How can you go to the printer room on poptropica?

you go though the vents with the ventalashon map

What is remote printer?

remote printer is these printer we can connect to many computer by using wireless comunication is called remote printer

What can happen Using the wrong type of paper or using wrinkled or torn paper in a printer?

It will jam the printer

How do you attach a network printer to a standalone computer?

Someone can attach a network printer to a standalone computer by using a USB connection. Using a cord to attach the printer to the computer, then installing the printer software, someone can then use the printer from the computer.

What is a USB printer?

A USB printer is, quite simply, any printer that connects to a computer using the USB interface.

What is the function of the laser printer?

To print on paper using laser printer technology.

What do you do in the printer room in poptropica?

tell the bunny drone to turn around then turn off the ears

What do you do after you cut the wires on 24 carrot island on poptropica?

You go to the printer room and get the system password.

How to install a printer to a computer?

Search Google using 'Installing a printer' and have a look through the websites on the subject. Assuming you are using Windows, click on Start > Control Panel > Printers (or something similar - from memory!) and follow instructions to add a new printer. You may need to install the printer by using the set-up disc that came with the printer.

How can print pictures without using the printer?

You can't. A printer is necessary to print pictures.

If you want to print the document using a different printer which button would you select?


How do you use the printer on poptropica?

If it is the printer on 24 Carrot Island: Click on the person next to the printer and click on the bottom speech choice. When the large ears appear, click on the power button. The person will be freed. She will then print out a piece of paper from the printer, and you can walk over to it to take it.

Can you get credits using cheats on poptropica?


What are the benefit of local area network?

to share printer by using many computers but one printer

Best paper for colored printer?

You shouldn't be using the term "Colored Printer" anymore, it's gone the way of "Negro Printer." The appropriate term is "African American Printer."

Using The Printer?

Design your own logo for free by using either markers or a printer. If you use markers and paper, then you should let the ink dry completely before you laminate it. Using a printer is easier because you can make multiple copies at the same time.

How to connect the computer and printer?

using a usb cable which is a connection between the computer and the printer only or wirelessly which means everyone on the network can use the printer but only if computer and printer is wireless

How to connect two computers to one printer?

install the printer on both computers using the disk provided

Can you manufacture clothing using a 3D printer?

can you use a 3D printer to print pictures in 3D format

On poptropica 24 carrot island when you are in the printer room how do you get out?

out of the door to the right, after you go there, it will see you as an intruder, and you will get sent to the freezer.