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Value 1973 Canadian 1 dollar bill?


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Maybe about ten dollars


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What is the value of 1900 Canadian four dollar bill and 1897 Canadian two dollar bill

what is the value of a Canadian Centennial $1 bill

Without knowing date and condition, this question cannot be answered

Is there a cash value on a 1954 100 hundred dollar canadian bill as of this day

Generally, they're still worth one dollar in Canada, and can be exchanged at face value in any Canadian bank.

Canada only issued $1, $2, and $5 bills in the 1970s.

The value of a 1935 Canadian dollar bill is largely dependent upon its condition. You can expect to fetch between 15 and 500 US dollars for such a bill.

The 1969 Canadian $20 bill has a value of C$20. The $20 bill does not have any significance that would raise its value.

I have a 1buck canadian dollar made in Ottowa 1934 #5669438. How much is it worth?

In 1967 Canada printed the dollar bill with no serial number on purpose and instead let the year 1967 substitute for the serial number. This means that your Canadian dollar bill is only worth its face value.

The value of a 1979 Canadian 5 dollar bill depends on its grade and the serial number. It could be worth anywhere between 5 and 5,500 US dollars.

The 1975 Canadian 100 dollar bill is not very rare. The current value is only slightly above market value, with most of the bills being sold online going for between 100 and 150 Canadian dollars.

the value of a Canadian 2 dollar bill with a robin on it would be dependent upon a number of factors. The most important factors would be the age and condition of the bill.

The face value of a 2 dollar bill (coin) is 2 dollars. If you mean exchange rate that's different.

In what currency?2 dollar Canadian bill=โ‚ฌ1.54 in euros2 dollar Canadian bill=$2.03 in USA dollars

The Canadian dollar is, on average, although it fluctuates, worth one cent less than the American Dollar. So 2.00CD is 1.98USD

From what country? The U.S. did not print dollar bills bearing that date. Is it Canadian?

i was at a mall yesterday and i spent my whole day in a store called the house of stamps. inside they were selling a 1973 1 dollar bill for 125$ CAN, of course it was in mint condition. the lady that worked there told me that the same bill in 5/10 shape was worth around 40-55$, which is what i own

No US or Canadian bills are dated 1933.

The value of coins and paper money can vary drastically depending on year, condition, and stamping. A Canadian $2 bill from 1914 ranges in value from $50 to $1,000.

The value of coins and paper money can vary drastically depending on year, condition, and stamping. The value of a 1937 Canadian $100 bill ranges from $125 to $500.

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