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Value of a 1980 Winchester rifle 22 short octagonal barrel?


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Any winchester of this age should be valued by a Member of the Winchester collectors assoc.The value could be anywhere from 350 dollars,up to 1,000 dollars or more.

Without a detailed description, no way to tell. Broad range of 100-1000 USD.

The Winchester model 70 is a centerfire rifle. It was never made in 22 short caliber.

The model number should be stamped into the barrel near the Winchester name. It will say "model" or "model of"

If that barrel is less than 16 inches long and you are in the US, you have an illegal firearm.

Your Winchester model 69 can shoot the short,long,and long rifle 22.Your Winchester is selling for between 100-300 dollars depending on condition.

I'm not positive but my model 67A SL.or LR short barrel Winchester was given to me in 1958 when I turned 7. If it was new or used is unknown.

The trapper model is a short barreled model 1894 rifle.The barrel length was originally 16 inches,but under recent laws the barrel length is 18.5 inches.

Less than 100 to 1000+ depending on specifics.

Value is based on make, model and condition. We need all 3- you gave us 1.

I bought a used Winchester model 70 short action (SA) in .243 Win. The heavy barrel (HVB) configuration last year in April 2008 for $500.00. Rifle was in almost new condition and had been fired very little. This is a push-feed action and post-64.

Need a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, type of action.

A model 61 Winchester is a collectable rifle that would be no problem selling. An octagon barrel is a plus on the value side. If it is a single caliber, meaning .22 long only, or .22 short only, also a plus. Condition is everything as far as value. Could be any where from $200. in poor condition to $2500 in mint condition. If interested in selling, I recommend Auction Arms, or Sell at no reserve, and it will bring top dollar on either of these sights. Make sure to provide excellent photos with closeups. Regards,

Seen a 45 colt model sell yesterday for $800,unfired centennial model. Hope that helps. Today I bought the 94AE .357 mag Trapper [short, round barrel], new in box, for $725.

around $500. It depends a lot on the condition.

The value of a Winchester Ranger 44 magnum rifle is between $400 and $600 depending on its overall condition. These rifles are commonly used for hunting medium to large animals and relatively short distances.

I have the same gun and am curious of the value. Anyone care to share some insight?

The model 1890 Winchester was only chambered in .22 short,22long,22 long rifle,or 22WRF calibers which were all rimfire calibers.

What do you mean by short barrel? They were all 24" barrels. The barrel is measured by putting a stick ( or whatever ) down the barrel from the muzzle until it hits the bolt, it is not the measurement from the muzzle to where it hits the receiver. True for all guns. That is the barrel length. The 241 is a "Takedown" Rifle, so you have about 3/4 of an inch beyond where the barrel meets the receiver that is threaded so you can assemble and disassemble the rifle.

Please include the model number to get the correct answer to your question.

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