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Value of a 1980 Winchester rifle 22 short octagonal barrel?

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Q: Value of a 1890 Winchester 22 short octaganal barrel?
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What is the value of 1970's Winchester bullet board display containing long barrel short barrel and hand gun cartridges with the Winchester logo on the top?

I don't know but I have one too so if anyone knows please post a value!!

What is the value of a model 94 short barrel 30-30 manufactured in 1925?

Any winchester of this age should be valued by a Member of the Winchester collectors assoc.The value could be anywhere from 350 dollars,up to 1,000 dollars or more.

What is the value of a Winchester 1890 22 short with octagonal barrel serial 304101?

Without a detailed description, no way to tell. Broad range of 100-1000 USD.

What is the value of the Winchester model 70 22 short?

The Winchester model 70 is a centerfire rifle. It was never made in 22 short caliber.

How can you tell what model a Winchester pump 22 short rifle is?

The model number should be stamped into the barrel near the Winchester name. It will say "model" or "model of"

What is the age of a 22 short Winchester pump serial 204062 with an octagonal barrel?

probably early 1900's

What is the value of a Winchester 1890 22 short serial?

10-1000 usd

How short can you cut down a Winchester 1400 barrel before it effects the back pressure on the gas ports?

YOu need a gunsmith

Where can you find information about a 32 caliber Winchester Model 1892 lever action with a short barrel?

If that barrel is less than 16 inches long and you are in the US, you have an illegal firearm.

What is the value of a Winchester 1890 22 short serial 153978?

10-1000 usd

What is the value of a Winchester model1890 22 short with serial 513 be worth?

100-1000 USD

What is the value of Winchester model 90-22 short serial no 793238?

50-500 usd

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