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Value of an 1884 and an 1888 Buffalo Head nickel that are in excellent condition?


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2005-03-04 22:19:31
2005-03-04 22:19:31

Buffalo Nickels were minted only from 1913 to 1938 -- you must have something else.


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The 1936-D Buffalo nickEL is common, average condition coins are $1.00-$3.00

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A coins value is determined by the rarity, market demand, and its condition. As of 2014 a 1927 buffalo nickel in mint condition is valued at around 55.00.

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In average condition, both coins are only worth their face value.

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Even in the worst condition a 1937 Buffalo head nickel can be valuable. This coin has been sold for 80 dollars in good condition and 50 dollars in poor condition.

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