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Value of aug-1968-photoplay magazine?

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Try finding the value of your August 1968 photoplay magazine with iTaggit's new tool ValueRange It. I searched it and found a value range of $0 to $6. Hope this helps. About iTaggit iTaggit is a trusted, simple web-based management system for valuing members’ household items and collectibles. The website enables users to easily value, organize, catalog – and even sell – their stuff, ranging from second hand clothes and baby toys to fine art, family heirlooms… and everything in between!

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What is the current value of a 1949 house and garden magazine?

what is the value of a 1949 house and garden magazine

What is the value of Collier's magazine March 5 1904?

The value of a Collier's magazine from March 5, 1904 depends on its condition. This magazine in excellent condition is valued between 9.99 and 17.99 as of 2014.

Legends magazine of Nolan Ryan 1991 with silver trim on magazine what is the value?

Awesome magazine, they were also offered with gold trim. A true collectors magazine!

What is the Value of 1955 family circle magazine?

The value of most editions of the 1955 Family Circle magazine is $10 in good to very good condition. However, the value of the Christmas edition is $12.50.

How much is your 1974 mad magazine worth?

The value of a 1974 Mad Magazine would best be valued by an appraiser. Some issues are worth more than others. Plus, the condition of the magazine has lots to do with the actual value.

What is the value of national magazine company?

the answer is that have to look on nationalmagasinecompany.org

What is the value of a JET magazine by Johnson Publishing company dated June 9 1955?

I believe that the value of the jet magazine dated June 9 1955 is about $100.

How do you determine the value of a wrestling magazine collection?

In order to properly determine the value of a wrestling magazine collection, you will need to find the value of each magazine. You might be surprised to learn the great varying value each different magazine holds. A common practice is to search Google or eBay for the magazines and see what they are selling for today. You can search for price checks on Google directly. For the magazines from 1980-1990, divide by two for its value, and for anything from 1990 to today, expect three quarters of the price for its value.

What is the value of a time magazine from 1964?

It will depend upon the issue and the condition of the magazine. It will range in price from $5 to $10.

What is the value of an original 1912 ad made by Coca-Cola for Life magazine?

The value of the original 1912 ad that was made by Coke Cola for the Life Magazine was $1000.

What is the value of Sports Illustrated 1st edition?

What is the value of Sports Illustrated 1 edition Magazine

What is the value of a jet magazine by Johnson publishing company dated December 10 1984?

what is the value of a jet magazine dated april 16, 1984? It featured the death of Marvin Gaye

32 automatic magazine holds 10 bullets?

what would be the value of 32 cal, automatic with a 10 shot magazine?

How much is a 1973 magazine worth?

The value of a 1973 magazine varies depending on the demand of the publication. It is estimated that a magazine in high demand will be worth $100 or more, while a magazine in low demand will be worth $5 to $10.

What is the value of Time Magazine's Special Bicentennial Issue?

The value of Time Magazine\'s Special Bicentennial issue depends on the condition of the magazine itself, but usually ranges between $25 and $100.

What is the value of a Jet magazine from 1969-1980?

how much could i ge for a 1964 jet magazine april 23

What is the value of an old LIFE magazine?

JFK assassination issue 1963

What is the Value of sports illustrated February 1997?

what is the value of February 1997 sports illustrated magazine packers champions

What is the value of jfk life magazine?

It depends which magazine you are asking about. John F. Kennedy was in Life magazine on several occasions. What determines the value of a magazine is the condition it is in, the date it is from, how rare that edition is, and whether it's about a person or a topic collectors care about. Without knowing which Life magazine, or the condition yours is in, I cannot give you advice; but I can suggest you visit a site like eBay, and see what price similar magazines are selling for.

What is the Value of a 1993 sport magazine?

all depends on how rare it is? is it signed from a major final to something like plain magazine from a shelf? and also what sport

What is the value of a 1962 jet magazine?

Most of these magazines are valued at a price close to $10. The exact price will depend upon the edition and the condition of the magazine.

How much is a subscription to Highlights magazine?

A one year subscription to Highlights magazine costs $34.44. The best value is a three year subscription that runs $78.84. These are the prices for the magazine direct from the publisher. Some magazine wholesalers may offer different rates.

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