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Valve lash 350 small block?


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you would probably want to call your local machine shop or part store.....but ,the valve lash adjustment for a Chevy 350 with hydrolic lifters,I believe, starts with the #1 piston at top dead center...tighten the intake valve rocker arm just enough so that the plunger inside the lifter is just below the snap ring...then go to the next piston in the firing order for the intake valves...when all the intakes are done you should be at #6 piston tdc...then go through the same steps with the exhaust valves...again I would double check, it's been a while. good luck


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take off the valve covers, and the rocker arms will have adjusting nuts on them, tighten them to zero lash and the back off 1/4 turn.

There is no such thing as a big block 350.

there is no such thing as a big block 350

The front of the valve cover, on the drivers side will have a cap.

They are both the same engines. You refer to a long block as being a compleat engine assy. 350 small block is what it means. It's a 350 and that is called a small block.

how do i set the timing for a chevy 350 small block?

The 350 engine is a small block, not a big block.

The 350 engine was introduced in 1968. A 1955 small block would be a 265 or 283.

Pass side between the valve cover, and firewall.

The 5.7 liter 350 cu. in. Chevrolet V8 is a small block. There is no big block 350.

Chevy 350 small block engines with hydralic lifters set at 0 lash. That means start the engine and adjust the valve until it just quits clicking. Then tighten the nut approx 3/4-1 turn then set the next one.

A 350 is a small block and all the engine parts are small. The 454 is a big block and everything is big. Nothing will interchange.

a 350 is a small block those heads will fit on and Chevy SMALL block not a big block

The head bolt torque, on a 3304 Caterpillar engine, is 350 pounds per square inch. The valve lash should be adjusted to .023.

They will fit on every small block engine from 1987 down to 1955. You will have to install a PCV valve in 1 of the valve covers. Your choice on witch 1.

Depending on equipment. Could have a 305 or 350 small block.

First of all is that a 350 is not a big block. It is a small block.

18436572 Small block firing order

on an edelbrock 350 ? you mean Chevy 350 with edelbrock parts on it ? try the valve cover. open it up by unscrewing it or it may be just a pop of cap and puth the oil right in the valve cover just like every other 350 .

No the 350 small block will not bolt up to the 3.1L V6. The 3.1 is a 60 degree block V6 and the 350 is a 90 degree block.

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