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Your rims are bent and/or your alignment is off. Bent rim, bad tire, loose suspension/steering component.

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Q: Vibrating steering wheel at 40 MPH?
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Steering wheel shakes on braking at 40 mph?

Warped rotors

What is the most likely cause of steering wheel vibration between 30-40 mph?

it sounds alot like a wheel balance is needed....

93 spirit shaking vibrating at 40 mph and up?

Have the tires balanced and rotated.

Why would a 1996 Chevy Tahoe steering shake at 40 mph and stop shaking around 60 mph?

One or more tire out of balance, a bent wheel, or defect in a tire.

What makes your car vibrate when you put you foot on the gas?

Could be a small thing like wheels out of balance 40+ "Noisy Inside Car" bad wheel bearings 30+ mph also decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" "Noisy Inside Car" steering linkage: causes the steering wheel to wobble at 40+ mph decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" My brothers car had the above problems I changed his rear spindle, outer, tie rods, "both were shot" bad bearing "blown bearing"

What is the problem if your minivan starts vibrating when it reaches 40 mph?

Depends on if it's front wheel drive or all wheel or rear wheel drive. If the vehicle has a driveshaft the U-joints could be failing and that would cause qute a vibration. It could also be a bent wheel or a tire that is out of balance.

Wobbling sound when you go faster than 40 mph?

If your car makes a wobbling sound at more than 40 mph, the first suspect is a wheel which is unbalanced. Confirmatory signs are that your steering wheel jiggles in your hands, and if you increase speed to about 60 mph wobbling and jiggling stop. Almost any tire retailer can fix this in 15 minutes.Warning. Before you actually try at 60 mph, check that all your lug-nuts are tight; it is probably not this, but if it is 60 mph might kill you.

Why would car skake when accelerating hard between 40 and 70 mph?

this is a funny way to answer do yo feel the vibration in your but or the steering wheel. If its in your but there is a problem in the rear wheel assembly, ie bad belts in a tire, wheel bering, flat spot on a tire tire out of ballance

Why does a freighliner century truck steering shake at 40-45 mph?

Tires and/or wheels out of balance?

2001 Buick le Sabre steering shimmy's between 40 and 50 mph?

a tire is out of balance.

What causes the Steering wheel to shake between 40 55 mph in a 94 pathfinder?

Most common reason is improperly balanced wheels, next would be alignment but that usually causes a pull to the left or right.

Why does my 90 crown vic shake at 30 mph to 40?

Check wheel balance first.

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