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93 spirit shaking vibrating at 40 mph and up?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-23 16:13:16

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Have the tires balanced and rotated.

2006-07-23 16:13:16
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Q: 93 spirit shaking vibrating at 40 mph and up?
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Why is my Toyota Celica shaking at 35- 40 mph?

Tires need to be balanced

Why would a 1996 Chevy Tahoe steering shake at 40 mph and stop shaking around 60 mph?

One or more tire out of balance, a bent wheel, or defect in a tire.

The wheel of a dodge caravan starts shaking at 40-50 mph. why?

wheels off van raised engine shakes side to side at 40 kmh

Vibrating steering wheel at 40 MPH?

Your rims are bent and/or your alignment is off. Bent rim, bad tire, loose suspension/steering component.

Why is your front end shaking when you take off and push the brake but after you go over 40 it smooths out on your 91 dodge spirit?


What is 40 kph in mph?

40/1.6=25 mph

What is 40 knots in mph?

40 knots = 46 mph

What would cause your Mercedes to start shaking at over 40 mph?

its chasis could be loose or its just old chasis being he thing that holds the wheels to the car.

How fast is 40 mph?

40 mph is 64.4 kph to be exact.

What is 40 mph equivalent to in kph?

40 mph = 64.4 kph

How many mph is 40 kph?

40 kph = 24.85 mph

What is 40 km in mph?

40 km/h is 24.8548 mph

How fast can nerve impulses travel to and from the brain?

40 mph 40 mph

What is 40 mph in kilometers per hour?

40 mph = 64.4 kph

How fast is 40 mph in kph?

40 mph = 64.37 km/h

What is the average speed of 40 mph and 60 mph?

Average speed is 50 mph [(40+60)/2].

Dodge sprinter 3500 shaking while driving upto 40 mph?

Tire out of balance, failed u-joint in drive shaft, engine misfire, transmission malfunction,

How do you make an electric moped go from 15 mph to 40 mph?

An electric moped will not be able to go 40 MPH.

How fast is 40 kilometers per hour in mph?

40 kph = 24.8 mph

What is the top speed of a BMW Isetta?

40-50 mph40-50 mph

Why does my 2003 Saturn vue shake at 40-50 mph?

I needed new brakes when my 2003 Vue shook at 50mph. Once I had the back brakes changed the shaking stopped.

How many mph is 40 knots?

About 46 mph

How many mph can a zebra run?

40 mph

If I'm traveling 40 knots how many mph am i traveling?

40 knots = 46 mph

If you ride your bike 40 miles in 60 minutes how many mph are you going?

40 mph