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Vince McMahon DEAD?

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no, it was a faked injury.

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Is vince McMahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead.

Is vince McMahon jr dead?

No he is very much alive

Is WWE mr macmahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead. He is still alive and still the chairman of WWE.

Is vince McMahon sr dead?

Yes. Vincent James McMahon, Sr. died on May 24, 1984 at the age of 69.

Is Jim McMahon dead?

I think you are talking about "Vince McMahon" who is from WWE. "Jim McMahon" is a former football player who is well known for his playing days on the Chicago Bears. The answer to your question is, both "Vince" and "Jim" are still amongst the living. As of March 26, 2011.

Is vince McMahon really dead?

No Vince McMahon is not dead. He has faked his death a few years ago but returned when Chris Benoit died. The reason Mr.McMahon was not around from June of 2010-february 2011 was because he suffered an injury from an attack by the group refered to as Nexus.

Is McMahon alive?

Vincent K. McMahon is dead.

What happened to Stephanie McMahon?

Stephanie McMahon is dead

Is vince McMahon really dead truthfuly?

No. He is running things behind the scenes with the WWE and giving more powers to HHH, who is his son-in-law, and who he will be passing the company down to.

Is Katie Vick dead?

Katie Vick as in the WWE Story line was not a real person. She was simply a dummy. You know how much trouble Triple H, Vince McMahon and the WWE as a whole would've been in? Tons.

Is Mr McMoahon Dead?

No, He is not just incapacitated, and its McMahon.

How did Shane McMahon die?

Shane McMahon is not dead so he didnt die i wonder who told you that? well who ever did its not true

Did Mr McMahon know death was near?

He isn't dead, and has not even been close to being dead.

Did Mr. McMahon retire?

No, because he is now dead. He died when someone planted a bomb in his limo on Monday, June 11, 2007, Monday Night RAW, which was also Mr. McMahon appriciation night.He is not dead,he's still alive.

Is vince McMahon dead from the stadium falling on him?

No, it was all staged. He even returned to Raw in January, but WWE Superstar Randy Orton punted him in the head the same night. So he is once again out of action. In real life he is completely fine, just doing more buisness stuff I guess.

Is vince McMahons dad dead?

yes yeas yes yes have you seen how old he is

Who did Vince Neil kill in an aut accident?

Vince didn't mean to kill the man on purpose, but he did. The man was Nicholas Dingley, also known as Razzle. He was the drummer for the Finnish metal band "Hanoi Rocks" Razzle was pronounced dead at the age of 24 after he and Vince were partying, and drunk driving. Vince lost control of the car, killing Razzle as Vince got charged with vehicular man slaughter, and DUI.

Is Shane McMahon really dead?

In real life, no he is alive and well as of 01/21/09... As for his fictional wrestling character, I do not know

Is Ed McMahon dead?

MSNBC reported that Ed McMahon passed away just after midnight PST on June 23rd 2009 at the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. He had been ill with Pneumonia and Bone Cancer.

What was the name of the grateful dead organ player?

The Dead had four keyboardists. Ron "Pig Pen" McKernon Brent Mydland Keith Godschaux Vince Welnick Every one of them died a young, unatural death. Vince killed himself a few years ago and the rest died of drug overdoses.

Why is Mr. McMahon not dead?

after the wwe draft when he got in to the limo the limo exploded.he came back which i dont know how weeks later

Are any of the grateful dead members dead?

yes a few of them are, Jerry Garcia, Ron McKernan aka Pigpen, Brent Myland,and Vince Welnick. i believe that is all of them. You can't leave out Keith Godchaux. R.I.P.

Did vince McMahon really die on RAW or was it a put on?

I think he is really dead. The explosion was immediatly after he entered. There was NO way that he could have survived that. Heck the flag at WWE headquarters is at half mast. that really means he is dead. They even have the executives saying they are sorry for the family and there was a tombstoneish thingy where the titontron tron was suppose to be on ECW. HE IS NOT DEADWhy would the camera follow him out out his limo they never do that normally they must of knew that his limo was goingto blow up, why wasn't it on the news like Chris Benoit's death and he appeared and the today show talking about Chris Benoit's death about 3 weeks after the limo Blew up If the ceo of wwe really died news channels wouldn't stop talking about. and Kane put undertaker in a coffin and lit it on fire and undertaker "magically" appeared on the stage, then also Kane was thrown into a Flaming dumpster by Shane McMahon and he is still living

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