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I usually use 1 measure of vinegar to 2 measures of oil.

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Is a heterogeneous mixture oil and vinegar air vinegar in water sugar water?

Oil and vinegar is a heterogeneous mixture.

Will vinegar float in oil?

No. Oil will float on vinegar as vinegar has the same density as water.

Which is a heterogeneous mixture vinegar and water milk oil and vinegar air?

oil and vinegar

Is canola oil the same as vinegar?

No, oil is not the same as vinegar.

Is vinegar in oil heterogeneous?

Vinegar and oil is a heterogeneous mixture.

Why don't cooking oil and vinegar mix.?

When you pour oil on vinegar the oil floats because it is lighter than vinegar

What has more density oil or vinegar?


Is oil and vinegar a compound?

No. Vinegar and oil form a heterogeneous mixture.

Is oil and vinegar a homogeneous or a heterogeneous mixture?

Oil and Vinegar is heterogeneous

Is oil soluble in vinegar?

oil is not soluble in vinegar as vinegar has a polar attraction just like water.

Which has greater density oil or vinegar?

Vinegar has a greater density than oil does. When poured into the same container the oil will sit on top of the vinegar.

Why is it that if you mix vinegar and olive oil the vinegar is at the bottom?

Vinegar is a heavier substance than Olive Oil so the Vinegar goes to the bottom and the Olive Oil stays up top

Which do you pour first for dressing oil or vinegar?

you pour oil first then vinegar.

Why does oil not mix with vinegar?

because oil is denser than vinegar ;P

Why does olive oil float on top of vinegar?

Vinegar is denser than oil.

Which would evaporate the fastest oil or vinegar?

Vinegar will evaporate faster than oil, but if they are combined, the oil will rise to the top and prevent evaporation of the vinegar.

If you mixed oil and vinegar together which one would rise to the top?

Oil has a lower density than vinegar. When oil and vinegar are mixed, the oil rises, or floats to the top.

Oil or vinegar is greater in density?


Does balsamic vinegar ever contain pine nut oil?

When you purchase balsamic vinegar, you do not get the oil in the vinegar. However, it is possible to purchase a pine nut oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing.

What is in vinegar oil bottles?

Vinegar oil bottles come two types. One comes with two bottles, one is oil and one is vinegar. The second type is the combined mixture of oil and vinegar which is used for gourmet cooking.

Does oil dissolve in vinegar?

No. Oil does not dissolve in vinegar just as in water. It is lighter so it forms a layer over vinegar

Does salad oil dissolve readily in vinegar?

Salad oil will not dissolve at all if it is mixed with vinegar. After being mixed, the oil will rise and float on top of the vinegar.

Can you mix olive oil with vinegar?

the oil will clump together in the vinegar. i don't recomend it.

What happens if mix vinegar and oil?

A solution of vinegar is obtained with a layer of oil on the top.

Is oil and vinegar mixed together going into a salad soluble?

Oil and vinegar are not miscible.

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