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Setting up a Mosque is a very good deed. It is a Sadaqa-Jaariya ( continuous virtue ) which means that as long as the people pray in that mosque, the person fibnancing the mosque will receive benefit. And that benefit may ultimately get him into paradise.

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What is a Muslim prayer mat called?

a muslim prayer mat is called a mussulah

How long does Muslim prayer last?

Muslim prayer lasts ten minutes.

What is a building used for a Muslim prayer called?

The building for a Muslim prayer is called a Mosque

How is called the Muslim call to prayer?

The Muslim call to prayer (Salat) is called in Arabic Athan or Azan.

What is the name of a Muslim place of prayer?

A Muslim will worship in a Mosque

What is the Muslim prayer leader called?

An Imam is a prayer leader in a mosque.

When did the Muslim prayer start?

The prayer starts at Fajr which means on the sunrise

What is azaan in Muslim?

azaan or azan means Muslim prayer call.

Muslim prayer leader?


What are Muslim Prayer Rugs?


What are Rak'ahs?

Muslim Prayer Positions.

A Leader of congregational prayer in a mosque?

An imam leads a Muslim congregational prayer

What is the morning prayer of the Muslim?

The Fajr prayer, which is read just before sunrise.

Why Muslim prayer is important to the Muslim community?

Its a form of worship.Muslims pray five times a day .Prayer is what distinguishes between a believer and a disbeliever.

Why is shahada so important?

it is what you say to become a muslim and you say it in prayer if you are a muslim

What is the building for Muslim prayer?

It is called a mosque

What is the Muslim prayer mat called?


What is the Muslim call to prayer called?


Who is the muslim prayer leader?

imam or Sheikh

What is the Muslim prayer called?

It is called a Salah.

Can Muslim women go to Friday prayer?

Yes, it is preferred for Muslim women, as for men, to go to Friday prayer in the mosques especially if there is no concern about their safety.

Who is the person who does the prayer in the minaret in the Muslim Religon?

The person who leads the prayer is called the Imam.

What Religion are prayer beads from?

Prayer beads are found in Catholic,Buddist and Muslim religions.

How long should an employer allow for Muslim prayer?

As long as is needed. Prayer should not be hurried.

How you can offer your qaza prayers?

if a Muslim lose a prayer at its own time should do it later. even after death other Muslims can do prayer instead of him and gift it to dead Muslim. like normal prayer. only the Niat (the goal of doing in mind) is qaza prayer.