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Volkswagen jetta the rad fan will not shut off?


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A Volkswagen Jetta radiator fan is controlled by a fan relay. If the relay malfunctions the fan could either stay on or not work at all. An engine diagnostic would be recommended.

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When operating properly, the cooling fan stays on until the temperature drops to normal.

Idk. I replaced the thermal sensor on mine I also have a 98 jetta didn't work. So it's either the fan switch or the control module fan relay.

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Volkswagen has a hardwired cooling system in a good number of their models, the cooling fan will run several minutes after driving. Especially if the engine is overheated, you can expect the fan to resume after it has initially shut off... So make sure to disconnect the battery before any repairs following running the engine. Brandon 1990 volkswagen jetta gl 1.86 carrat Wolfsburg edition

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To adjust the headlights on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta, use the vertical adjustment screw located off the top of the headlight compartment. There is also a lateral adjustment screw within the Jetta's headlight housing unit.

The fan remains running after the vehicle shuts off in order for the engine to cool down. Once the motor cools down sensors trigger the fan to shut it off.

The fan is ran by the computer. It will continue to run for a short time after the engine is shut off and is normal. If it doesn't shut off, that is NOT normal.

The engine cooling fan will continue to run because the engine is hot. Once the engine has cooled down the fan will shut off. If it never shuts off you may have a bad temp switch or relay.

The fan should turn off after the engine is shut off. If it stays on, the radiator fan relay has failed.

With many cars now days, the fan may continue to run after the car is shut off, or they may even start and run for a while after the car is shut off. An engine will actually get hotter for a short time after being shut off. Sometimes that will trigger a sensor to turn on the cooling fan. If it continually runs after being shut off, it could be a faulty temperature sensor, or a faulty fan relay, or even a bad computer.

Why does your 2001 Nissan Pathfinder heater fan stay on high even after I try to shut it off?"

Is the light (check eng.... MIL on whening diag. says no MIL?

One item on your car to look at would be it's alternator, which may need to be replaced. When it begins to shut itself off, or idle real hard, try pressing your foot on the gas pedal, to keep the engine busy.

The most common problem when a car's heater fan doesn't shut off when the car is shut off is that the resistor on the blower motor has gone bad. The fuse that powers the resistor should also be checked.

If you just want to shut off the alarm pull the wire off the sensor at the oil filter housing and ground it to the engine, this will silence the alarm but not fix your oil pressure issue.

You turn the fan on low and change the pressure volt and gauge on the left screen. Make sure you brush your teeth. BooYah

the Fan motor will keep running fort a short time after the car is shut off. the motor actually gets hotter after it is shut off so the fan cools it for a few minutes before cutting off. Actually, on all the mid 80s 300zx engines, there is a fuel injector cooling fan that directs cooling air on the injectors for a specific amount of time after the car has been run at normal operating temps and then shut off. Is your car a turbo z? If so then the fan that comes on is the fan that cools off the turbo after the key is shut off. Maybe you have an aftermarket fan set up for the air conditioner, but there again they usually come on while idling with the air on, but they generally shut off when the key is turned off. The fan is not used for cooling the turbocharger. The turbocharger itself is watercooled and does not have a need for a fan. The electric fan is for cooling the fuel injectors as mentioned in the previous post.

The fan is on a thermostat, causing the fan to run if cooling is required, even when the car ignition is turned off. Having said that, if you notice that the fan is running long after you've shut the engine off, you may have a problem!

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