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Volkswagen has a hardwired cooling system in a good number of their models, the cooling fan will run several minutes after driving. Especially if the engine is overheated, you can expect the fan to resume after it has initially shut off... So make sure to disconnect the battery before any repairs following running the engine.


1990 volkswagen jetta gl 1.86 carrat Wolfsburg edition

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How do you flush cat out the system quick?

You can flush your Caterpillar diesel engine cooling system by removing the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. What a running water hose in the top of the radiator and leave it run.

Why is diesel fuel getting in your radiator 7.3 liter?

Ford: 7.3 diesel fuel getting into the radiator

What can happen if diesel fuel is used instead of antifreeze in a diesel engine radiator cooling system?

diesel has a lower boiling point than antifreeze. as the engine heats up the diesel will vapourize and cause high pressure in your system. you will also has much worse temperature control in your engine.

How do you bleed a diesel 1500 CC Peugeot 106 cooling system?

how do you bleed a diesel peugeot cooling system

F 350 diesel 1995 engine Where are the oxygen sensors?

no xoygen sensors on diesels

Where is the radiator fan temperature switch on a peugeot 406 p reg 2.1 diesel?

I had similar problem locating. I found it on my 1996 LX DT 406. Follow the main water hose from the top of the radiator until it meets the engine. There are two sensors just upstraem of the maniold and one dowmstream on my model. I just disconnected each one until the fans kicked in. It was the RH one upstream of the manifold on mine - but it may be different on a 2.1. Note that these sensors are not switches but thermistors that feedback actual temperature to the central computer.

What are those fins that stick out on the back sides of a diesel locomotive?

those fins are equivalent to the radiator grill on a car they allow air to be blown out by fans to assist in cooling the engines

Jacket cooling system for diesel engine?

jacket cooling system is a that the part of the engine were

Do all modern Vehicles Petrol and Diesel have MAF sensors?

No, most Chrysler vehicles do not use maf sensors.

Dodge diesel radiator 94?

Keep it in there, you will need it.

What is the function of a Radiator on diesel engine?

to cool engine

1992 Nissan Terrano 2.7 diesel overheating?

Low coolant level? Thermostat not opening? System airbound? Radiator plugged or restricted? Water pump not circulating coolant Cooling fan not working?

Do they refurbish diesel throttle position sensors?

No. Not that I've seen or heard of.

How many sensors are on a dodge diesel?

1989 had about 5, 2013 has dozens.

Do diesel engines have oxygen sensors?

Yes it does. The later model ones do.

Where can you buy a lower radiator hose for a Detroit Diesel?

lower radiator hose for 353 detroit diesel,2 inches id s shaped 9" from top to bottom.

Where is the Starter motor Peugeot 307?

If it is a diesel then it is behind the radiator under the diesel filter, it is a awkward position!

83 Monte that had a 4.3 diesel that I replaced with a 350 and now it is overheating I am running the radiator from the diesel do you think that is my problem?

Indirect injection diesels have large radiators because of the massive heat loss in the idi cylinder head, so you most likely have a cooling fan or thermostat problem. Make sure you don't have air in the cooling system, especially if the engine sits higher than the original.

What would cause a miss in a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

If it is not diesel, you probably have a fouled or disconnected plug.

What is the typical energy balance for gasoline engine and for diesel engine?

for diesel: break power=34% cooling system=30% exhaust=26% surrounding=10% for diesel: break power=34% cooling system=30% exhaust=26% surrounding=10%

How do you drain the radiator in a dodge diesel?

There is usually a drain valve on the bottom of the radiator, but taking the bottom hose off will do the trick.

What is orange in your dodge diesel radiator?

Rust, It is time for a coolant flush.

Could Diesel Fuel in the Radiator be a fire hazard?

Probably not but why is it in there and how much?

Where do your oil cooler lines go on your 6.2L diesel?

Okay 2 types of oil cooling system fitted to these trucks. Light duty , and heavy duty. light duty, Oil cooler lines go from the oil filter housing to the radiator. oil cooler is built into the radiator. Heavy duty, Oil cooler lines go from the oil filter housing under the radiator and in front of the radiator there is a mini oil cooler.

How many o2 sensors on a 2005 dodge ram?

The gasoline engines have four.The diesel does not have any.The gasoline engines have four.The diesel does not have any.