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Shirley Ellis

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What is the song in the VW commercial?

The new VW, slug bug commercial song, is by the artist Grizzly Bear. The song is called Two Weeks.

Song in VW commercial?

Two weeks by grizzly bear

Who sings the country western song in the new VW commercial?

Porter Wagnoner

Who sings the clap back song on vw beetle commercial?

It sounds like The KillsIt is Shirley Ellis, the clapping song

Who sings the song in the vw big day commercial?

J. Ralph One Million Miles

Who sings the song in the vw commercial with the tow truck and drum sticks inside the car?

Wilco - "the thanks I get"

Who sings the whistling song in the new 'sign then drive' VW commercial?

the drums, the song is called "lets go surfing"

Who sings the song in the VW Passat commercial that includes the lyrics 'you will always be my pride and joy'?

I dont recollect seeing the commercial, but the song I know of 'Pride and Joy' is my Stevie Ray Vaughn.

What is the name of song featured in a 2003 VW Jetta commercial where people are dancing?

Mollys Chamber by Kings of Leon

What is the music in the new Volkswagen Passat cue the trumpets commercial?

The song featured in the 2012 vw passat commercial saying "cue the trumpets" is Ghostwriter by RJD2

What is the song in the VW Golf commercial in Canada the one they're blowing bubbles in the car?

The song is "your heart is an empty room" by Death cab for a cutie

Who sings the song in the new 2013 vw passat commercial the one where the guy is playing air drums in the car?


What is the song in AT and T commercial with orange drapes over the Hollywood sign and over tall buildings?

Nick Drake - "From the Morning" recorded in the early '70's. His song "Pink Moon was used in a VW commercial in 2001. He died in 1974.

When was VW Commercial Vehicles created?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was created in 1995.

What is VW Commercial Vehicles's population?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles's population is 19,400.

What is the population of VW Commercial Vehicles?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles's population is 2,006.

Who sings the song in the Australian version of the VW Golf Cabriolet commercial 2011 it's not Days by the Kinks or Here Comes the Summer?

The Stereotypes- Big Love

What kind of vw is that in the commercial with the family in it and their son has a frog in the car?

2009 VW Routan. You can see the video on

What is the name of the song in the new VW Routag van commercial with the old hippies?

Lets live for today: grass roots Lets live for today: grass roots

Who sings the song in the vw golf gti anyone for a Sunday drive commercial?

It's Wonderful by George and Ira Girshwin, with some crafty little beatboxing mixed in.

Who is the actress in the VW ridin dirty commercial?

Bridgett Newton

What is the song in the new vw routon commercial?

I like this song to and went to look for it. Its called Let's Live for Today by the Grass Roots. Its apparently a really old song. Heres the youtube link if u want to watch it.

Who is the band in the new vw commercial?

"Fly By Night" performed by Rush

Song in VW commercial when the two guys are on a test drive with salesman in the back seat? Wilco-The Thanks I Get -J

Anyone know the song from VW commercial from November 2008 Canada It has a woman singing At lastI have found you I wont be lonely no more?

At last, my love has come along - Etta James

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