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A mail carrier

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Q: WHAT'S someone called if they get sent on errand?
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What is the idiom meaning of 'sent for errands'?

If you are sent on an errand or run an errand for someone you are doing a small job for them that takes you away from the home or where you would normally be. [A short trip taken to perform a specified task, usually for another]. Delivering a message to your mothers friend down the road or going out to collect the groceries would be 'running an errand'.

A person sent on an errand is an?

There is a Jazz lyric about an "errand girl for rythm." "Errand boy" would seem the parallel case. "Errand person," though, seems far too PC and stilted.

Whats a four letter word for mailed?


What an agent of the pope called?

A diplomatic agent of the pope with rank equal to that of an ambassador is a nuncio.Other than that, you are probably thinking of a papal legate, who is an agent sent by the pope on a specific errand, with delegated administrative authority. (This must not be confused with an apostolic prefect or apostolic vicar, who is sent with special sacramental faculties to administrate and serve an evangelical mission.)

Whats the best cover up sent for deer hunting?

Mossy Oak

Does the rest of the public see your private posts you sent to someone on Google plus?

No they don't see it. That is the reason it called private.

What is information sent from the computer called?

Information sent from the computer is called data.

Whats the purpose of a coil in a car?

the coil increases the electrical power from the battery before it is sent to the spark plug.

why won't the police help me after my landlord sent someone to break into my home?

why won't the police help me after my landlord sent someone to break into my home

Is it common to say 'you was sent some flowers' if you get some flowers from someone else?

It is improper grammar to say "you was." You would either say, "I was sent some flowers," or "You were sent some flowers," not "You was sent some flowers." Although "Someone sent me (or you) some flowers" sounds better.

Why would someone who sent you an email ask for your email id?

this is called fisching, , when you get an email like this, hit the 'delete' button , they are just looking to scam.

What is called when someone changes the 'FROM' section of an email so that the message you receive appears to come from a person other than the one who sent it?

email spoofing