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"Gold, Glory, God" is a phrase giving the reasons why the early Italian explorers went to the Americas. When you think of the actual trip the Spanish had to endure to reach America from Italy, they had to have very important reasons to risk starvation, drowning, disease, and murder. Rumors of gold - amounts beyond their wildest dreams - made men believe they could get rich quickly. Glory was to be found in the adventure and in the land they might claim, making them rich lords instead of poor sailors. Some went believing that they must bring their religious beliefs to the peoples of the Americas, and that God would reward them for doing it. So, "Gold, Glory, God"! I wonder how many of those sailors actually found any of those three.

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Q: WHAT IS Gold glory god?
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What did god glory and gold mean by a competition?

god glory gold meant the scramble for Africa

What was the Conquistador motto?

It was God, Glory and Gold in that order. Hoewever, in most cases it turned out to be Gold, Glory and God.

What are the 3 gs of the conquistador?

Well, it should have been God, Glory and Gold, but with most of the conquistadors it was Gold, Glory and God.

What is the spanish phrase for gold god and glory?

The Spanish phrase for \"Gold, God, and glory\" is \"Oro, Dios, y gloria\".

Did Amerigo Vespucci sail for gold god or glory?

he sailed for glory

Did the explorer Henry Hudson go for god glory or gold?


Why did the settelers settle in Jamestown?

They settled for the three G's. God,Gold,Glory. They wanted the freedom of religion(god),they wanted to be rich(gold),and wanted glory for the king(glory).

Why was Mexico colonized?

God, gold and glory

What are 3gs of the conquistadors?

Gold Glory God

Why did Cortes travel?

for god glory and gold

Why was California colonized?

God, gold and glory.

What did they the land for in Mexico?

God, gold and glory.

Who came for god gold and glory?

Europeans came to America for the three G's G-d, glory, and gold.

What was the motto for european exploration in the 1500s?

Gold,Glory, and God. Gold to gain riches. Glory is to be credited for discovering a new place. God for spreading Christianity.

What was the motto of the spanish explorers?

If, by Spanish explorers you mean the conquistadors, then it should have been God, Glory and Gold, but it turned out more like Gold, Glory and God.

What is the purpose of finding jamestown?

the 3 g's gold god and glory! they wanted more religious freedom gold and glory!

Why did Spain conquer Mexico?

God, gold and glory.

What was Cortez looking for in Mexico?

"God, gold and glory".

Why did the conquistadors come to America?

God, Glory and Gold!

What were the 3 motives for exploration?

Gold, God & Glory

What was there goals of the spanish conquistadors?

gold glory god.

What are the 3 G's of imperialism?

Gold, Glory and God

Why did Spain settled in Mexico?

God, Gold and Glory

Why did the Spanish colonize Mexico?

God, gold and glory

Why did the Spanish arrive in Mexico?

God, gold and glory.