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New York

New Mexico

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What States require surveys for loan closing?

New York New Mexico

What states require surveys for mortgage loan closings?


What is the difference between a no closing cost loan and a personal loan?

A no closing cost loan saves you from paying a lot of money up front with closing costs, however, you will have a higher interest rate. A personal loan requires no collateral for the loan.

How much are closing cost loans?

Closing cost loans depends on the loan and credit of the individual applying for the loan. Sometimes closing cost can be included in the actual home loan itself.

Can you get a bank loan if you are 17?

Depending on the state. Most states require to be 18 but it is possible for you to get a loan but with a co-signer

Can you include closing costs in a home loan?

A person can include closing costs in a home loan. To include closing costs in a home loan certain criteria have to be met, such as the owner has to be willing to finance more than the value of the loan.

Where can one find information on the cost of home equity loan closing?

Information can be found in regards to the cost of closing a home equity loan from the loan provider. The loan provider will list these costs in the fee section of the loan agreement.

How can one obtain a no closing cost loan?

There are many ways one can obtain a no closing cost loan. One can obtain a no closing cost loan by visiting popular on the web sources like US Bank, Reed MC, and Kiplinger.

Which financial institution can supply information about closing costs for a home loan?

Banks can supply information about closing costs for a home loan. With a little information, you can estimate the closing cost for a home loan quite accurately using the tools provided at the Bankrate website.

Can you go to jail for closing your bank account on a payday loan company?

Can I be charged with bank fraud or any other criminal offense for closing an account on a payday loan?

Is there closing cost on an assumable loan?

Yes, there is usually a closing cost on an assumable loan. However, it will vary from state to state as laws are different from one place to another.

Who prepares final loan documents for closing?

The lending institution.

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