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open hood make sure you have enough coolant then chek if your hose valves are open follow all your hoses to where they split not sure but some trucks have valves that look like water spicket valves and some look like T open them all up

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Does the heater vents on a 2004 2500 dodge diesel operate on vacuum or electric My truck only blows out of the vents on the dash occationaly it will switch to defrost for me?

The doors are electric. You most likely have a broken door inside the heater box under the dash.

Correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge diesel truck?

correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge ram diesel truck

What trucks are recommended for diesel truck pulls?

It depends where one looks but a frequently recommended truck for diesel truck pulls is the Ford diesel truck but does cost nearly $60,000. Also recommended are the GMC diesel truck and the Dodge diesel truck.

Where is the block heater plug on a 2005 dodge diesel?

If equipped, it is on the passenger side. It starts behind the oil filter. It was an add on option when the truck was built.

What is the maximum speed of the truck dodge d-400 diesel 6cyl 102hp 1965?

The maximum speed of the 1965 Dodge 400 diesel truck is 75 mph.

Where is the heater box located on a 2004 Dodge truck?

The heater box is under the dash.

What diesel truck should you buy?

Dodge cummins. By far

How do you replace heater core on a 1995 dodge Dakota truck?

You will need to remove the water lines from your 1995 Dodge Dakota truck heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Where is plug in on ford diesel for engine heater?

On the front of the truck by the tow hook

When did the Dodge truck get the diesel cummins?

1989 was the first year of the Cummins.

What is the best used diesel pickup truck?

Dodge. Straight up.

Does a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel truck have an Allison transmission?


Is there a place to buy a block heater in Austin tx for ford diesel truck?

Any NAPA parts store can supply a block heater that will keep your diesel toasty.

Where can one find a model of a Dodge diesel truck?

You can find models of Dodge Diesel Trucks by looking at a Model Shop, for example in the UK there is a shop called Modelzone, which sells models including model Dodge diesel trucks. You can also check the internet and sites like Amazon who sell models, and the models they sell might include a Dodge Diesel Truck.

How do you access heater core in 02 Dodge truck?

pull the dash out

Where is the block heater cord on 2011 dodge ram truck?

Very few where built with the cord from the factory. On the diesel it is located on the pass side. The heater element is behind the oil filter. The cord usually has to be bought from the dealer and installed.

Can you bypass a heater core in a 99 Dodge truck?

Yes, just connect the heater hoses together.

What Dodge Ram truck has the most horsepower and torque?

Dodge ram 3500 24 valve diesel.

What causes the wait to start light to flash on a 92 dodge diesel truck?

The wait to start light on a 92 Dodge Diesel truck can be caused by a lack of fuel to the engine. It can also be caused by a wiring problem.

Which is the maximum speed of truck dodge 400 diesel 6cyl 102HP 1965?

The maximum speed of a 1965 Dodge 400, diesel, 6 cyl, 102 HP truck is 85 miles per hour.

How do you change a 2006 dodge diesel egr valve?

The Cummins in a Dodge truck did not get EGR until 2007 with the 6.7L.The Cummins in a Dodge truck did not get EGR until 2007 with the 6.7L.

How do you change the heater core in a 1988 Dodge Ram 4x4 W100 truck?

Drain the water from your Dodge Ram truck cooling system. Remove the water lines from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Does 1988 Dodge truck have a distributor cap?

If its a gas engine yes, if its a diesel no.

What is the oil capacity of a 1999 dodge diesel ram truck?

12 quarts

What is the oil capacity for a 2500 dodge truck cummin diesel?

12 quarts