Wants to be a chef please guide?

There are several ways to become a chef. These days, most chefs have first attended a vocational program at a culinary school, or they have gone to a university that has cooking courses and offers a degree in culinary arts. In either case, make sure the school you attend is accredited and has a good reputation; it should also have teachers who have worked in the cooking field and can provide you with experience. To become a chef is a long process, but if you love cooking and want a career in it, attending the right school will help you to get the kind of training you need in order to advance.

Another way to become a chef is to apprentice yourself, by working at a restaurant with a well-known chef. You will have to start small-- wash dishes, set up items and utensils, assist the rest of the cooking staff, etc-- but gradually, you can gain experience and move up. There are still a few restaurants that will give a relative unknown person a chance to learn; but these openings are usually at chain restaurants, or places that use so-called "short-order cooks." If you are seeking a career in a more elite restaurant, those places will expect you to first get some formal training, usually in a school setting, or with people who are experienced with specific types of cooking.