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When would a multi agency coordination system be required

Which type of incident is typically handled within the first hour after resources arrive on scene and include vehicle fires and personal injuries

What is a factor that affects the control of an incident

Which type of incident requires multiple fire and patrol vehicles and is usually limited to one operational period

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Q: Was Adams calling for a stronger U.S. rolein other countries’ affairs?
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Role of ngos funtionaries in your locality on their rolein disaater management?

The role of NGOs functionaries in your locality on their role in disaster management is to aid rescue and give guides on disaster preparedness. They need to work in collaboration with the government functionaries so as to be effective.

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the religious groups played a major rolein instigating the vietnamese against the policies of the French . one such religious movement was the scholar's revolt in 1886 . The vietnamese religious beliefs were a mix of confucianism Buddism and local practices . But with the coming of French , Christianity was introduced and over 3,00,000vietnamese people were converted into Christianity . The scholars revolt protested against this and thousands of Catholics were killed . the movement inspired several other movements aganist the French .

Tips for Managing Kids and Video Games?

Video games are more popular than ever. While there are possible risks involved in playing video games, having the right rules in place can keep the majority of them at bay. It isn't realistic to expect your child not to play video games. Even if you ban them in your house, your child will probably play them elsewhere. Instead of banning video games, you should teach your child to develop healthy habits and boundaries about them. Tips for doing so are outlined below.Play Video Games with Your ChildThe best way to ensure that your child doesn't develop unhealthy video game habits is by playing them with him. Even if you've never picked up a game controller in your life, it isn't hard to do. This will give your child the opportunity to teach you something for a change. Make a point of sitting down and playing video games with your child a few times a week. It will give you an idea about what he is into playing and open your eyes about how video games work. You might even start to like them yourself.Take an Active RoleIn addition to playing video games with your child, you should play an active role by learning about the games that he is currently playing. If he mentions a game that he'd like to rent or buy, go online to learn more about it. Ask your child what he likes about certain games. If he is disappointed in a game, find out why he didn't enjoy it.Set LimitsIt's important for you and your child to be on the same page in terms of video game rules and limits. For example, figure out the types of ratings that you're okay with and make it clear which games are allowed and which ones are not. Set specific times of day for your child to play video games. Take away your child's video game privileges as punishment if he gets grounded or breaks any of your rules.Watch for Signs of TroubleIf your child is truly becoming addicted to video games, he will show signs of it. He may fall behind on his chores and other household obligations. His homework may not get finished on time, or his grades may begin to slip in general. If you notice such signs, restrict the amount of time that your child is allowed to play video games.

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