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Was 2pac in a gang?


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No, he was neutral but his boss Suge Knight was a Blood and the Death Row Record's entourage was mostly Bloodz so if 2Pac hung around gang members they were Bloodz.


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2Pac is in a Southside Crips gang, but Biggie isn't in any gangs

Tupac Amaru Shakur wasn't involved with a gang.

west coast He 'is' not in a gang and also 'was' not in a gang. Deathrow records was his crew in later life kind of like a gang.

Pac wasn't in a gang, but the owner of Death Row Records (the label 2Pac was in), Suge Knight was a Blood and most people in the Death Row entourage was Bloodz. So 2Pac hung around a lot of Bloodz from the label, but he didn't become a gang member he was neutral.

None but he kcicked it with suge who was a blood although he reped thugh life

2pac was neither crip or blood he was affiliated with the pirus only becuz of suge knight but he wasnt actually a gang banger

The last film created with 2Pac was the film Gang Related which was released in 1997 after his death in 1996. Three of his songs were featured on the soundtrack.

Yes, he was going crazy after he left that gang and knew he was going to get killed but wasnt sure when

of course 2pac...but eminem has a different rapstyle then 2pac did...

2Pac had one wife, but they were divorced. 2Pac was engaged when he died.

death row records were all bloods and 2pac was apart of death row The question above me is obviously false because Snoop Dogg was a crip and Dr. Dre, although was involved in gang related activities in the past, was never an actual gang member. Dr. Dre often hangs with rappers Snoop Dogg and The Game, who are in rival gangs.

2pac - life goes on 2pac - until the end of time 2pac - if my homies call 2pac - i ain't mad at cha 2pac - shorty wana be a thug 2pac - little homies that's on top of my head..maybe more.

2pac definitely he is a better raper and singer that Drake is just a beginner 2pac is a legend

2pac rocks :) 2pac rocks :)

2Pac is dead and has been for 15 years.

Pirus and Bloods are two different gangs that are both under the Blood Alliance. Tupac was addiliated with the M.O.B. Pirus, which is a set under the Piru gang.

Tupac Shakur was a famous rap artist from New York. He is famous for his infamous death at the hands of a gang drive-by, which has been riddled with conspiracy.

Considering 2Pac is dead, no he would not be.

When 2pac got shot the first time. 2pac thought that biggie shot him because of his song "Who shot ya." Which came out in 1994 and 2pac was shot in 1995 for the first time. 2pac Released the single "Hit 'Em Up" and After that single shortly after 2pac got shot and died and everyone thought Biggie killed 2pac and in 1996 biggie died because someone thought biggie killed 2pac. So the answerer is no. I think he did because 2pac slept with his wife and made a song about it. 2pacs people went after Bigge for killing 2pac

2pac died in 96, biggy 97

The Beatles sang and made Rock and 2Pac was a rapper.

2pac got shot 12 times

Yes The Polica Tried To Frame 2pac

2Pac was from and heavily supported the West Side.

Where "does" 2pac live now? Well.... he is dead. Quite dead.

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