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yes he was the commander and chief of Japan No. The above answer is misinformed. Yamamoto commanded the Japanese Navy. Hirohito was the Emperor, although he was a figurehead, and Tojo held most of the power. And the term is commander-in-chief, not commander and chief.

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Who were the commander and leaders in japan during war 2?

Bhumjit brahma-------commando-----admiral cuichi nagumoleader-----------yamamoto

Who was the militaristic general in japan in World War 2?

Admiral Yamamoto and Admiral Nagumo.

Who was the leader of japan attack on pearl harbor?

Imperial Navy, Captain Fuchida led the first wave of airplanes into the attack. Admiral Yamamoto was the fleet commander in chief. Emperor Hirohito was the leader of Japan.

Who were the leaders in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Admiral Yamamoto. Who was stated to be the best Admiral in Japan until his plane was shot out of the sky and was killed.

Who led japan during the battle at pearl harbor?


Who was the admiral or the country that attacked Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese attacked during world war 2, Dec. 7, 1941. Japanase Admiral Yamamoto originally stipulated the attack should not commence until thirty minutes after Japan had informed the United States she considered the peace negotiations at an end. However, Yamamoto did not originate the plan, nor lead the force.

Which japanese admiral insisted that the us pacific fleet posed a threat to japan and had to be destroyed?

Isoroku Yamamoto was the Japanese Admiral who argued that the United States Pacific fleet was a threat to Japan. He served in the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1901 to 1943.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto feared that the attack on Pearl Harbor would eventually be detrimental to Japan. On what do you think the admiral based this concern?

Yamamoto had spent time in the US. He was a Harvard man, and had been in Washington as a Naval Attache at the Japanese Embassy. Thus Yamamoto perhaps possessed more valid insight into the national character of the US than his contemporaries in Japan, who labored under misapprehensions as to what the US reaction to Pearl Harbor might be.

What is Isoroku Yamamoto is known for?

I think he is remembered in history the greatest because he was the Japanese Commanding Admiral when Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Who was the military leader in control of Japan during the war?

Because of deaths of military leaders, there were several in control during World War II. These men were:Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was Supreme Commander of the Combined Fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy until he was killed in an American fighter ambush over Bougainville on April 18, 1943. Yamamoto planned the Pearl Harbor attack.Admiral Koga Mineichi succeeded Yamamoto, and served in the post until dying in a plane crash on March 31, 1944.Then, Admiral Toyoda Soemu held the post until the end of the war.General Yoshijiro Unezu was Chief of the General Staff of the Imperial Japanese Army at the close of the war. I'm not sure if he held that position the entire war.Hideki TojoGeneral Hideki Tojo

Who was an admiral of Japan during World War 1?

Adm. Tanaka

Who was the leader of japan in the ww2?

Hirohito was the leader of Japan during World War 2.

When was Nizou Yamamoto born?

Nizou Yamamoto was born in 1953, in Nagasaki, Japan.

When was Sayo Yamamoto born?

Sayo Yamamoto was born on April 13, 1977, in Japan.

Japan dictator during World War II?

Tojo was the leader of japan during ww2

When was Ayano Yamamoto born?

Ayano Yamamoto was born on April 12, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan.

When was Gaku Yamamoto born?

Gaku Yamamoto was born on January 3, 1937, in Osaka, Japan.

When did Hozan Yamamoto die?

Hozan Yamamoto died on February 10, 2014, in Tokyo, Japan.

When was Kaichi Yamamoto born?

Kaichi Yamamoto was born on September 6, 1877, in Tokyo, Japan.

When was Kansai Yamamoto born?

Kansai Yamamoto was born on February 8, 1944, in Kanagawa, Japan.

When was Kei Yamamoto born?

Kei Yamamoto was born on July 1, 1940, in Osaka, Japan.

When was Maria Yamamoto born?

Maria Yamamoto was born on September 11, 1981, in Tokyo, Japan.

When was Michio Yamamoto born?

Michio Yamamoto was born on July 6, 1933, in Niigata, Japan.

When was Mirai Yamamoto born?

Mirai Yamamoto was born on April 11, 1974, in Tokyo, Japan.

When was Sen Yamamoto born?

Sen Yamamoto was born on January 21, 1943, in Osaka, Japan.