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Alaska and Canada have always been separate. Alaska is part of USA and Canada is a different country


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Alaska borders the west side of Canada, so obviously Canada.============================================The last time I checked, Alaska was part of the US. Did I miss something?

The United States spans 6 time zones. It shares the main four time zones with Canada which are Eastern Time , Central Time, Mountain Time and Pacific time. Hawaii Time and Alaska Time are separate Time zones

Alaska was purchased by the US from Russia on March 30, 1867. In March of 1867, what we now know as Canada consisted of a few scattered British colonies. Canadian Confederation did not occur until July 1, 1867. Canada could not have purchased Alaska because, at the time of the Alaska purchase, Canada did not have the sovereign authority to enter into such an arrangement.

Well the amount of time in Alaska for night is 12 hours

Ted Stevens started the Democratic party in Alaska. This was a monumental thing that he did, because the state was so separate from all of the contiguous states in the rest of the country besides Hawaii. The was of course a long time ago.

A long time. It started in Canada, Alaska state, and more cold places that was near the NORTH POLE.

A flight from Alaska to Pennsylvania would have a flight time of about 7 hours.

It was granted statehood on 3 January 1959. Alaska is a state and has been for a long time

At the time, Canada was not an independent nation. It was still part of the British Empire and could not make that kind of decision on its own.

Going through the Bering Sea (at the time it was ice) and then going to Alaska going down Canada and making their way here. Going through the Bering Sea (at the time it was ice) and then going to Alaska going down Canada and making their way here.

Canada and the USA share four common time zones: Eastern, Central, Moutain, and Pacific. Generally (with exceptions) you stay in the same time zone as you cross the Canada/USA border. USA has two time zones not found in Canada: Alaska and Hawaii-Aleutian. Canada has two time zones the USA does not have: Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

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Ontario, Canada runs on the Eastern Daylight Time. Though the further towards Alaska ones gets the earlier it gets. There are many time zone maps that can help someone figure out the time changes.

The Original Inhabitants of canada are the french, they owned canada for a very long time.

The flight time from Alaska (AK) to Omaha, Nebraska is 5 hours, 53 minutes.

YOU separate them about 3 weeks old and at 2 weeks you can hold them but not for a long time

No, it just stays for a long time without melting.

Yes, but it would take you a very long time.

Alaska is located in the extreme Northwestern region of the US. Alaska forms a border with Canada and, across the Bering Strait, with Russia. The state was purchased from Russia in 1867 and it is the least-populated state in the US. The state has an Alaska (UTC) time zone.

Leaving from Yreka, California and driving to Juneau, Alaska it is about 2,362 miles, driving time about 48 hours.

Whats interesting about the Iditarod is that its a 1,500 mile long race across Alaska that lasts a long time.

There was but that was a long time ago. Today Canada does not have a tropical climate.

The flight time from Saint Louis, Missouri to Anchorage, Alaska is 6 hours, 23 minutes.

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