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Albert Einsteins family wasn't poor or rich when he was born they were in the middle.

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Was albert Einstein family rich or poor?

they were not rich and they were not poor they were in the middle

Magic Johnson was he born in a poor family?

Yes Magic Johnson was born in a poor family.

Was Albert Einstein poor?

No, Albert Enistein was not poor.

Was Vincent van Gogh born to a wealthy family or poor family?

His family was neither particularly rich nor poor.

Was James Cook born into a rich family?

No, He wasnt his family was very poor

What was Evita Peron's family like?

She and her family were born poor and illegitimate children.

Was Rockefeller born to a rich or poor family?

He was born poor just like me! But dont matter, im the rockefeeler of today!

Was captain cook born into a rich family?

no. he was born in a poor family. but he went in a battle and one then he became rich

Was Gandhi born into a rich or poor family?

He was born into a rich family. He left all of his possessions to help India though.

Was byran breeding family poor?

No Brayan's family was not poor...

Was gandhi family rich or poor?

yes he family was poor

What was St. Joan of Arc's heritage?

She WA born to a poor French family.

Was Vasco Nunez de Balboa rich or poor?

He was rich and was born into a noble family.

Was Andrew Carnegie's born into a rich family?

Poor then gained his wealth in the steel industry.

Was john Dalton rich?

John Motgomery Dalton was not rich he was born in a poor family.

Was Van Gogh's family poor?

Yes, Van Gogh's family was poor

Was martin Luther king Jr family poor?

yes .....his family was poor

Was Jackie Robinson a poor or rich family?

jackie robinsons family was poor

Meaning of poor-the family is poor is that correct?

To be poor means economically disadvantaged. So, yes, you could write, "The family is poor."

Did Obama come from a poor family?

no obama didn't come from a poor family. infact his family was very succesful

Was John Glenn's family rich or poor?

John Glenn's family was very poor

Was Abraham Lincoln's family poor or bad?

Neither, they weren't poor, and they were a good family.

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