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Was Alexander Hamilton a federalist or a democratic republican?


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Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist.

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Neither. Hamilton was a Federalist.

he was neither, he was a federalist, however Thomas Jefferson was a republican When Hamilton was alive there were two different parties: Federalists and Democratic-Repunlicans. Hamilton was a federalist.

jefferson was not a federalist, he was a democratic-republican. and federalist alexander hamilton opposed jefferson

Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist whereas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson did. Alexander Hamilton started the Federalist party. Thomas Jefferson started the Democratic-Republican party.

No. Alexander Hamilton was leader of the Federalist Party; Thomas Jefferson was leader of the Democratic-Republican Party. They had radically different views of government.

In the US political parties were founded by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton with the Democratic Republican and Federalist Party

Alexander Hamilton and James Madisonedit: this is not correct. The Federalist Party was founded by Alexander Hamiltion and John Adams. (James Madison, best buddy of Thomas Jefferson, founded the Democratic-Republican Party)

Way back when, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson where arguing on how the new nation of the united states will go. Alexander Hamilton Leader of the federalists Thomas Jefferson Leader of the Democratic Republicans. Alexander Hamilton dies, Federalist go away. Everyones a democratic republican now. dispute is there no matter what. So now the democratic republicans divide and Thus the two parties of Democrats and Republicans are born. Your Welcome.

He was a Federalist. I don't believe that the Democratic party existed when he was alive.

yes he was also the founder of th federalist party which ideas are now thought of as the republican party.

No because they were in opposing parties. Hamilton was for the federalist party and Jefferson was for the democratic-republic party.

The question is has the order of events backward. Alexander Hamilton was a founder of the Federalist Party, which preceded the Democratic-Republicans. Thomas Jefferson lead a group called the Anti-Federalists who opposed ratification of the Constitution and later became the Democratic-Republican Party. The Federalists were first; the Democratic-Republicans were formed to oppose the Federalists.

Alexander Hamilton was a founder of the Federalist Party; Thomas Jefferson was founder of the Democratic-Republican Party. The Federalists wanted a strong central government and encouraged the states to ratify the Constitution. The Democratic-Republicans believed the states should retain sovereignty.

Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist.

Thomas Jefferson - Republican Alexander Hamilton - Federalist

Yes he is he was the owner of the National Gazette that was opposed to Alexander Hamilton who was a Federalist

Hamilton was a Federalist, and Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican. Jefferson became President, while Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.

Alexander Hamilton defended the Constitution in the Federalist Papers. Meaning he was a Federalist.

None of the authors, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, were Anti-Federalists at the time the Federalist Papers were written. James Madison later switched party allegiance and aligned himself with Thomas Jefferson in the Democratic-Republican (Anti-Federalist) Party.

Yes. Alexander Hamilton wrote 52 of the Federalist Papers.

Burr was veary angry at Hamilton. Burr was a Democratic/Republican and Hamilton was a Federalist. This meant they already had many differences. Also, Hamilton was saying bad things about Burr, illegally, and it was posted in the news paper. This caused a duel between them both.

Alexander Hamilton was the head of the Federalists and Thomas Jefferson was the head of the Republicans.

No, he was a federalist.

Jefferson: Anti-federalist Hamilton: Federalist

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