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The reference to 'occupied' is odd. Berlin was the capital of Germany from 1871-1949 and became the capital again in 1990. Until the final collapse of the Third Reich in April-May, 1945 the city was in German hands. It then passed briefly to the Soviet Union. Later in 1945, the city was divided into four sectors (British, French, Sovier and American). With the division off Germany into East and West, the three Western sectors were administered as a single unit for most purposes.

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Q: Was Berlin Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?
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What was the city in Germany during world war 2?

The capital of Germany during WW II was Berlin, and Berlin remains the capital of Germany to this day.

Was Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Who occupied Germanyapex= rhineland Yes, Germany was occupied by Germany during World War 2. It was not until after the war that Germany was split into four parts. Britain, France, The United States, and the Soviet Union each got a piece of Germany.

When was Berlin occupied by the Germans in World War 2?

Berlin is now and was during WW2 the capital of Germany. The city of Berlin was founded in the 13th century, it was the capital of the German Empire (1871-1918), the Weimar Republic (1919-1932), and the Third Reich (1933-1945). It is safe to say that Berlin has always been occupied by the Germans.

Was Finland occupied by the Nazi's during world war 2?

Yes, Germany occupied Finland in 1941. ___ Finland was an Axis ally of Germany and was not occupied.

Who occupied Czechoslovakia during World War 2?


What countries in Europe were occupied by Germany during World War 1?

The only country was with/occupied ti germany is germany, austria-hungary and italy

Capital of Germany during World War 2?


What was the capital of Germany during World War 2?


What was the capital of East Germany?

Berlin. *After World War II, Germany was partitioned and occupied. The areas occupied by the US, the UK, and France were combined in 1948 to form West Germany. The area occupied by the Soviet Union became East Germany. West Germany's capital was established in Bonn, while East Germany's capital was Berlin. The Western half of the city became the enclave known as West Berlin, which was considered part of neither Germany. East and West Germany were reunified in 1990, and by 1999 Berlin was again the seat of government.

Was Gemany occupied by Germany during World War 2?


What happon during world war 2 in denmrak?

It was occupied by germany

How was Berlin Germany divided after World War II?

The Soviet Union occupied the eastern sector, while the U.S./U.K./France occupied the western sector.

What was the capital of Germany during WW2?

Berlin, the current capital of Germany, was the capital during World War II.

Who occupied East Berlin after World War 2?

The USSR occupied and took complete control of East Berlin after World War 2.

What happened to Danes during World War 2?

Denmark was occupied by Germany during World War 2

What counties were occupied in Europe during World War 2?

Most of Europe was occupied by either Germany or Russia.

How was Germany after World War 2?

After World War 2, Germany honestly didn't exist. Germany was split up into East Germany; Occupied by the Soviet Union, and West Germany; Occupied by the USA, England, and France. Berlin itself was divided in the same fashion, which was one of the many causes of the Cold War.

Was Poland occupied in Germany during world war 2?

polands neutral

Who occupied Germany in world war 2?

Germany did the occupying. No country occupied Germany.

Which country were the Channel Islands to be occupied by the Axis powers during World War 2?

The channel islands were occupied by Germany.

Was Germany divided into 4 sectors after World War 2?

Yes it was. The Iron Curtain separated East Germany, the DDR from West Germany. Russia occupied East Germany, including East Berlin. France, the US & Britain had sectors in Berlin & occupying forces in West Germany.

Was Germany ocuppied during world war 2?

At the end when Berlin fell

What city was separated into east and west after World War 2?

Two major cities were split in the Cold War between east and west:Berlin -- West occupied by Democratic West Germany and East occupied by Communist East GermanyJerusalem -- West occupied by Israel and East occupied by Jordan

What does World War 2 have to do with dennmark?

Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War 2

What Scandinavian countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway.