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Yes, Canada was a Brittish Commonwealth .

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Q: Was Canada an ally with France in World War 2?
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Why did the US ally with US during World War 2?

France, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, Italy (late war) to name a few

Why did France go into World War I?

France went into World War 1 because it had an alliance with Russia. When Germany declared war on Russia, France went to help its ally.

Major ally of us during world war 2 1 the soviet union 2 Canada 3 France or 4 England?

All those are correct.

Who did Canada fight in World War 1?

Canada was an ally to Britain and the USA fighting Germany during the WW1

Who were all the ally countries in World War 1?

Britain, France, Japan and Belgium.

What country was an ally to the us during World War 2?

Britian, France and Russia

what country was not a US ally during world war 1?

Germany was not an ally to the United States during WWI.

Who was the US greatest ally during world war 2?

UK, Canada, Australia.

what countries was an ally of the US during Korean war?

There was several countries that became an ally of the US during the Korean War. Some of those countries were, South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France.

Why was France an Ally in World War 2?

so they didnt die and becasue they werent commies

The start of World War 2?

On September 3, 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany, marking the start of World War 2. Germany had just invaded Poland, an ally of France.

What countries were an ally of the US during world war 2?

Here is the list UK,USSR,France,China,Poland,Canada, NewZealand,Norway,Australia,Netherlands, Greece,and Belgium

When was Canada an ally in World War 2?

Canada declared war on Germany on September 10, 1939, after Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

What is the effect of the attack on France in World War 2?

The effect was that Germany attakes France which is an ally of US and Britain, Britain was brought into war and Germans destroyed France almost completely

Did France have an ally in World War 1?

Yes they were allies with Britain, Russia and the US joins in 1917.

Who was the US chief ally during World War 2?

Great Britian, Soviet Union, France

When did France get out of World War 2?

Only while occupied when it was liberated, they became an ally until the end.

Why did France and Britain join World War 2?

To support their mutual ally Poland after Germany invaded it.

Who was Britain's biggest World War 2 ally before the US joined the war?

France and Poland ...before the war this may have been correct but if your talking before the U.S. joined the war and by biggest you mean providing Men & War material then I would have to say it was Canada.

Why did some Americans side with France in the war between Britain and France?

France was an Ally of Britain in world war 2,So there couldn't have been a war between them. Although it was occupied by the Nazi's from around 1940-1945.

When did America enter Vietnam war?

France was an ally

What countries were your allies in World War 2?

russia, canada, france

Romania was allies with who in World War 1?

Romania was an ally of United Kingdom, Russia, France, Italy etc.

What nation was an ally of the United states during world war 2?

Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France

Was Ukraine an Ally or Axis in World War 2?