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Yes, it was, and is now called Sri Lanka. Famous for its tea crops.

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Between 1796 and 1948, Ceylon was a British Crown colony. Although the British monarch was the head of state, in practice his or her functions were exercised in the colony by the colonial Governor, who acted on instructions from the British government in London. Nov 8 2019

Capital: Colombo

Currency: Ceylonese rixdollar (1815โ€“28), British pound (1825โ€“71), Ceylonese rupee (1872โ€”1948)

Government: Monarchy

Status: British Colony

https:/ /en .wikipedia. org/wiki/British_Ceylon#:~:text=Between%201796%20and%201948%2C%20Ceylon%20was%20a%20British,on%20instructions%20from%20the%20British%20government%20in%20London.

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Q: Was Ceylon a British colony
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Related questions

In 1850 was Ceylon a British colony?

Yes. Ceylon was a British colony from 1814-1949.

When did ceylon become a colony?

Large of Ceylon were settled by the Portugese starting around 1505. Portugal held on to parts of Ceylon until the 1650's. Beginning in 1602, the Dutch started settling Ceylon and held on to parts of it until 1796. The British annexed Dutch Ceylon in 1796, formally colonized the whole of the island in 1815 and retained Ceylon as a colony until 1948.

When did British Ceylon end?

British Ceylon ended in 1948.

When was British Ceylon created?

British Ceylon was created in 1815.

When did British Expedition to Ceylon happen?

British Expedition to Ceylon happened in 1803.

Was Ceylon part of either empire?

Ceylon was part of the British empire.

Where is Colombo?

Colombo is located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the former British Colony of Ceylon, in the Indian Ocean. It is the capital and main city of that island nation.

Was Sril Lanka a part of India before or not?

Ceylon (as it was known before independence) was a separate British colony from the Empire of India. yes the sirilanks was the part of india.

When did Sri Lanka join the british empire?

Sri Lanka, (then Ceylon) was first taken by The British East India Company in 1796 and it became a crown colony in 1802. Finally in 1815 the British took full control of the entire island.

Srilanka was earlier know as?

Sri Lanka was previous called Ceylon, and before that, it was British Ceylon.

What did the British call Sri Lanka?


What was the British name for Sri Lanka?


Srilanka was ealier know as?

Sri Lanka was previous called Ceylon, and before that it was British Ceylon.

What is Lanka old name?

There were many names. In British period, It was called Ceylon

Why was Sri Lanka called ceylon?

In the past sri lanka was under the british. Great Britain ruled srilanka before. They named srilanka as ceylon.

Why did japan attack Ceylon?

to attack the British naval and air bases there

What is the earlier name if Sri Lanka?

Ceylon, during the British rule.

What did Britain trade with ceylon during british empire?

because they liked it

What is the former name of Sri Lanka?

It was known as the "Kingdom of Sinhalaya," but in the Colonial Era, the British called the land "Ceylon," which is the English way of pronouncing Sinhalaya. It was later renamed Sri Lanka.

What is the former name of the country Sri Lanka?

It is srilanka. But we call it ceylon in the past.

Why was sri lanka important to the british empire?

Colonial Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. It became very important to the British Empire because the soil and climate were well suited for cultivating coffee, tea and rubber. Eventually, Ceylon tea became a very important commodity of the British market.

Did the British colonize in Sri Lanka?

Yes, until 1948. It was called Ceylon.

Was the Dominican Republic a British colony?

No it was not a British colony.

Is the USA a British colony?

No. the U.S is not a British colony because the U.S is a country not a colony.

What was the richest British colony?

india was the richest british colony