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Was Champion Arms a gun company?

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Not really. 'Champion' has been used as a trade name many times on handguns and shotguns, by a variety of manufacturers.

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What gun company bought the armory gun company?

Armory Gun Co is the trade name used by H&D Folsom Arms Co on Shotguns. Later sold to Savage Arms around 1930.

Where can you find information on a gun made by Howard Arms Company?

the best place for gun info would be cabelas gun library.

What gun company had a target with 5 holes in it on the pistol grip?

Trademark of Harrington & Richardson Arms company

Can you buy gun parts from Stevens arms company direct?

The answer is no. Stevens is in name only as a part of savage arms company.I would look at numrich gun parts corp.they are on the web.

How much is a Hunter Arms Company shot gun?

50-150 USD depending on condition.

Single shot shot gun stamped by eastern fire arms company how old is this gun your grandfather owned it?

Turn of the century or so.

Can you see a picture of a harrington richardson arms company 32 caliber sw ctgf hand gun?

Old gun catalogs and magazines

Can some one tell you how to get more info on a central arms co gun?

There was no Central Arms Company. This is a trade name used on guns sold by Shapleigh hardware. Your gun was likely made by Stevens.

Is the gun company Heckler and Koch a public trading company?

No, small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH is a privately held company, and as such is not publicly traded.

Where can you get the part that ejects the shell on a bridge gun company 410 serial numbera766477?

The Bridge Gun co. shotguns were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company. You can try for parts at: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Where do you find parts for a 94A eastern arms company 16 gauge?

Your best bets will probably be, gun shops, gun shows.

What company manufactured the Thompson submachine gun?

Auto Ordnance Company, with wartime production contracts going to BSA, Colt, and Savage Arms.

Where can you find information on Lancaster Arms company 1910-1920?

Blue book of gun values

Value of J Stevens Arms and Tool Company electro steel choke bored?

How old is the gun

When was my mass arms 12 gauge breach loading shotgun made?

There were two makers of Mass. Arms Co. shotguns, Stevens Arms & Tool Company and Crescent Fire Arms Company. If the gun was made by Crescent it was made before 1915 and if by Stevens it was made after 1920. A quick way to identify the maker is to look at the butt stock where it joins the frame. A Crescent made gun will have a smooth joint. A Stevens made gun will have a small semicircluar projection in the wood. The guns were made for and sold by Blish & Stillingham Hardware Company of Atchenson,KS.

How do you find information on the Union Arms Co of Toledo Ohio?

Here's what little I can find in the Standard Catalog. Incorporated in 1902. Used the names Union Fire Arms, Union Arms Company, Illinois Arms Company and Bee Be Arms Company. In 1917 the company was either bought up or absorbed by Ithaca Gun Company. They manufactured slide action shotguns, hammerless doubles, a few single shot shotguns, and a couple semi-automatic pistols.

What is the value of Volunteer Arms Company 410 shot gun serial number 29586Y?

10-100 usd

Where can you get gun parts for a Model 1855 single shot shotgun made by Waltham Arms Company?

try egunparts

What is the age of a j stevens arms company 94b shot gun?

Your shotgun was made during the 1950,s.

What is an Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works 410 Champion shotgun worth?

I bought a champion singel shot 410 about 8 years agon for $129. It does not have a serial number on it. The gun is old but I don't know how old. No cracks in the wood.

What would a champion shot gun be worth?

i think about as much as a champion shotgun i think about as much as a champion shotgun

What is a browning gun?

A gun manufactured by Browning Arms

Where is the best place to get shot by a gun?

The best place to get shot by a gun is the Legs, Arms, or Butt No just the arms.

What is information on a 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a single hammer manufactured by Bridge Gun Company?

BRIDGE GUN COMPANY Tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis, Missouri on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company c. 1893-1930.

Information about Toledo fire arms co?

Toledo fire arms is an old company that trades in Antique Firearms, hand guns, rifles, shotguns. They also trade in ammo, gun parts, gun safes, holsters, magazines, optics, reloading etc.