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Not yet. Why has there been such a long period of time between the publications of Volume 2 and Volume 3?
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Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind and courageous first lady. She was the first wife of a president to have a political career of her own. She was very important in the fight for human rights. She later worked in the assembly for the United Nations. . Fraklin d. Roosevelts wife first lady. She was born i ( Full Answer )

When did Eleanor Roosevelt die?

Answer . \nAnna Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962) was an American political leader who used her stature as First Lady of the United States, from 1933 to 1945 to promote the New Deal of her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as Civil Rights. After his death she built a ( Full Answer )

What did Eleanor Roosevelt do?

fights for the under dogs and never gives up she was the ladies president She worked to help women get to vote and when the suffrage passed (in 1920) she was named the US. Delegate to the United Nations, she worked hard for peace.

Who did Eleanor Roosevelt marry?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Eleanor's distant cousin. Eleanor's Father had met Franklin's parents, Sara and James, on a ocean voyage and is Sara and James son's godfather. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Eleanor's fifth cousin once removed. They met at an aunts party and danced together.

Why is Eleanor Roosevelt so important?

she was considered the first "First Lady" she did most of the socializing since her husband was in a wheel chair was very involved in the presidency compared to the previous President wifes

Why is Eleanor Roosevelt significant in history?

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most active, and well liked, First Lady. She spoke out against injustices where she saw them. She advocated women's rights before the modern day women's rights movement began and convinced her husband to appoint women to important positions in his administration. She ( Full Answer )

How old is Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 and died on November 7, 1962. Eleanor Roosevelt would have been 78 years old at the time of death or 130 years old today.

How tall was Eleanor Roosevelt?

She was taller than her husband Theodore Roosevelt who was 5'10. She was almost six feet tall at being 5'11 1/2". That is not entirely accurate. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was the niece of the twenty-sixth president, Theodore Roosevelt (her father Elliott Roosevelt was TR's brother). She was the wife ( Full Answer )

Was Eleanor Roosevelt gay?

If not, she was definitely bisexual. She dated a girl by the name of Lorena Hickok but their relationship was purely physical. No.

What college did Eleanor Roosevelt go to?

he said: Eleanor Roosevelt did not go to college, but Allenswood provided a serious collegiate environment with high scholastic standards.Yeah right! She WeNt To HaRvArD UnIvErSiTy! O->-

What is Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first woman in the US. ,1933-45 . she was born in New York, October 11,1884 . she died in November 7,1962 because she had Bone Marrow Cancer.

Did Eleanor Roosevelt like Edith Roosevelt?

Well, Edith campaigned against FDR in 1932. She disliked Eleanor and did not want her to be first lady. So, I would say no, she did not like Edith.

What was Eleanor Roosevelt doing when she died?

Having been struck by a car in April 1960, Eleanor Roosevelt's health took a rapid decline, and, having been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, she died on November 7, 1962 of bone marrow tuberculosis at the age of 78.

What was Eleanor roosevelts education?

she had no education at all she started school when she was 40 was the most stupidest answer in the world! This is the answer: she went to Harvard university

How did Eleanor Roosevelt influence history?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States. She did many things to gain her mark in history. For starters, she was a co-founder of Freedom House and she also supported the formation of the United Nations. In 1943, she founded the UN Association of the US and was delegated to the UN Ge ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of blanch in cooking?

Put the vegetables in boiling water for a very short time (the time varies with what you are blanching) to kill the cells, but not cook it completely. This is often done when freezing fresh veg, to improve the shelf life. . \n

When did Eleanor Roosevelts parents die?

Her mother died from http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Diphtheria when Roosevelt was eight and her father, an alcoholic confined to a sanitarium, died less than two years later. Her brother Elliott Jr. died from diphtheria, just like his mother. found at wikipedia.com

What are facts about Eleanor Roosevelts?

She was married to Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was the longest serving first lady from 1933-1945 Her husband was in the office for 4 years She was very athletic she died from Tuberculosis which causes small rounded swellings She was only 78 when she died Her dad died when she was 10 and her mom died ( Full Answer )

What are Eleanor roosevelts major contributions?

She is most well known for stepping in and taking over while her husband was sick. Also, she pushed for reform for women, children and minorities by convincing her husband into signing bills into laws regarding them.

Was Eleanor Roosevelt the oldest child?

yes, Eleanor was the oldest child of her family. She was also the only girl. She had two younger brothers Elliot Roosevelt and Hall Roosevelt. She also had a Half-brother who was bron to Katy Mann(a servant of the family)

What kind of person was Eleanor Roosevelt?

She was a great person, who did good for the country. She was the wife of FDR. Eleanor was the person who said "There is nothing to fear- but fear itself".

Where was Eleanor Roosevelt from?

She is from New york city and she mostly lived with her grandmother. At the age of ten she was officially an orphan at the age of ten

Why did Eleanor Roosevelt say quotes?

Mrs. Roosevelt said what came to mind. Her words were so admired that they became quotes. People thought that what she said was important.

Who influenced Eleanor Roosevelt life?

In a 1951 in a article, Eleanor Roosevelt listed seven people who in her estimation, shaped her life. The first two were her father and mother: her father provided her love and reassurance, and her mother gave her the unattainable goal of perfection. Madame Marie Souvestre, headmistress and a teache ( Full Answer )

How did Eleanor Roosevelt meet Franklin Roosevelt?

when you were 18 years old back then you had to go go to fancy parts and Eleanor saw her cousin at the party's and they talked during the party's then fell in love then she took Franklin to walk where the poor people lived and he took Eleanor to his schools collage football games then got married Ma ( Full Answer )

Who is Eleanor Roosevelt and what did she do?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady and humaniartian. She changed soo many things that today we take for granted. For more information read her autobiography.

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt children?

eleanor roosevelt had six children, one child died as an infant his name was franklin. later they had another child and named it franklin jr. so if you arent counting the first franklin she had five kids

Was Eleanor Roosevelt a bisexual?

There is evidence to support the theory that Eleanor Roosevelt was a bisexual, such as the letters she wrote to Lorena Hickok (her alleged lover). The theory is neither confirmed nor denied however although many people choose to believe she was. Safira Vancante

Did Eleanor Roosevelt die old?

Eleanor Roosevelt died on November 7, 1962 at the age of 78, so, yes, Eleanor Roosevelt did die old.

When did Eleanor Roosevelt marry Theodore Roosevelt?

No, that is not precise. Theodore Roosevelt was Eleanor's uncle. He gave his niece's hand to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America's 32nd President. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were wed in the year of March 17, 1905.

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