Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Many people considered her a national hero. She chaired committees at the United Nations, and was a dedicated to the advocacy of human rights.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

What type of clothing did Eleanor Roosevelt wear?

She wore vintage clothing.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Was Eleanor Roosevelt vol 3 by Blanche Wiesen Cook published?

Not yet. Why has there been such a long period of time between the publications of Volume 2 and Volume 3?

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Eleanor Roosevelt

How can you prove you didn't have an affair?

Take a lie detector test .

Eleanor Roosevelt

Is it true that Eleanor Roosevelt lived for a short time in Madison Park in Hyde Park or Kenwood?

Madison Park

Eleanor Roosevelt

Where was Eleanor Roosevelt born and when did she die?

Eleanor Roosevelt was born October 11, 1884 and she dies in your face stupids

Eleanor Roosevelt

How are Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama alike?

they are the same height

Eleanor Roosevelt

Who influenced Eleanor Roosevelt life?

In a 1951 in a article, Eleanor Roosevelt listed seven people who in her estimation, shaped her life. The first two were her father and mother: her father provided her love and reassurance, and her mother gave her the unattainable goal of perfection. Madame Marie Souvestre, headmistress and a teacher at Allenswood School, gave her a sense of confidence, and her Aunt Pussie (Mrs. W. Forbes Morgan) taught her discipline.

But, it was the personalities of her husband and her mother-in-law that exerted the greatest influence on her development. It was their influence that made her "develop willy-nilly into an individual." Lastly, Louis Howe, her husband's political advisor, pushed her into taking an interest in politics.

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How did the women help in weapon making?

== == Women were trained to do machine work, to help to produce everything from air craft parts, to radios to boots to tires to,,,,,,,,,,,,You get the picture. Depending on her abilities and how she was trained, may women became expert makers of complicated machined parts that went into weapons and vehicle engines. Aircraft engines require perfectly balanced parts and they have to be made to close tolerances, and with no defects. Most war material plants had a small number of older, experienced men who had to train the women, who were taking the places of the young men who had gone into active military service. Once a woman was good at her job, she trained other women to do it as well. If she got really good at her job she might be promoted to a lead hand so she was supervising a "work group" of 10 to 20 other women, and she had to keep the work going and maintain quality control on the product being made. She was also required to keep track of their scarp amounts and make sure they were NOT wasting materials or goofing off in the bathroom. Music and jokes went a long way towards making the time pass quickly, even at 4 am on the over night shift. Not all women were able to do factory work, so they might wind up learning how to drive a truck, or a train. Or become a nurse or a lab technician.

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Who was Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. He conserved more land area, over 150 Million acres, as President, which is more than any other person in world history. Roosevelt held a number of other posts in government both in the State of New York and the federal government leading up to his presidency. He was one of the best-read Presidents ever, and certainly one of the most prolific writers; over 250,000 of his letters have survived.

Roosevelt is too complex a man to summarize succinctly, but there are a number of excellent biographies of the man. In his life he was a politician, writer, cattle rancher, explorer, hunter, soldier, husband, and father.

Roosevelt is perhaps best known for his personality, which was extremely outgoing. He charmed almost everyone he met instantly with his boyish enthusiasm and interest.
Teddy Roosevelt was one of the United States Presidents.

Eleanor Roosevelt

What are Eleanor Roosevelt's main accomplishments?

they r red cross helped gain rights and helped a lot of people and the UN

Eleanor Roosevelt

What was Eleanor Roosevelt like?

Shy and Scared after the death of her parents in her mid-teens.

Eleanor Roosevelt

What was Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite color?


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Are there quotes from Theodore Roosevelt about Australia?

Roosevelt wrote in 'The Winning of the West: Book IV': "It is of incalculable importance that America, Australia, and Siberia should pass out of the hands of their red, black, and yellow aboriginal owners, and become the heritage of the dominant world races."

Eleanor Roosevelt

How did Eleanor Roosevelt's mom die?

Her mother sadly died of diphtheria.

Eleanor Roosevelt

What was Eleanor Roosevelt's brothers names?

her brothers names were Elliot jr. and Hall Roosevelt!

Eleanor Roosevelt

What are Eleanor Roosevelt's jobs?

She was a teacher, a newspaper columnist, and an author. Also she was involved with politics because of her husband FDR being the President.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt refer to Eleanor as Babs?

Babs was a diminutive for "baby"

Eleanor Roosevelt

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind and courageous first lady. She was the first wife of a president to have a political career of her own. She was very important in the fight for human rights. She later worked in the assembly for the United Nations.

Fraklin d. Roosevelts wife first lady. She was born in New York City on October 11,1884, daughter of lovely Anna Hall and Elliott Roosevelt, Younger brother of Theodore. When her mother died in 1892, the children went to line with Grandmother Hall; her adored father died only two years later.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Did Eleanor Roosevelt really say the quote from Talledega Nights?

yes she did

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Who was Franklin D Roosevelt's wife?

(Anna ) Eleanor Roosevelt (Oct. 11, 1884 - Nov. 7, 1962) was FDR's wife.

She was one of the most active and visible of recent First Ladies.

She and FDR were fifth cousins once removed and her maiden name was Roosevelt. She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt, who was President 30 years earlier than FDR. They were married on March 17, 1905 at the townhouse of the bride's aunt in New York City.

Eleanor Roosevelt

What was the title of the newspaper column Eleanor Roosevelt wrote?

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote the syndicated newspaper column "My Day" for 27 years, from 1935 to 1962.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Why was Eleanor Roosevelt important in the United Nations?

After President Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945, Mrs. Roosevelt continued public life. She was appointed by President Truman to the United States Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, a position she held until 1953. She was chairman of the Human Rights Commission during the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the General Assembly on December 10, 1948. In 1953, Mrs. Roosevelt resigned from the United States Delegation to the United Nations and volunteered her services to the American Association for the United Nations. She was an American representative to the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, and later became the chairman of the Associations' Board of Directors. She was reappointed to the United States Delegation to the United Nations by President Kennedy in 1961. Kennedy also appointed her as a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps and chairman of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Mrs. Roosevelt received many awards for her humanitarian efforts

Eleanor Roosevelt

What was Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite flower?

Yellow roses

Eleanor Roosevelt

What were Eleanor Roosevelts parents names and jobs?

Their names were Anna Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt. They were land owners.


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