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no it was Germany,Hungary and Italy who caused most of the damage in ww1

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Q: Was Germany alone responsible for causing ww1?
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What country was held responsible for ww1 and World War 2?


What was the Treaty Of Versaillles?

a peace treaty at the end of ww1 between Germany and the allied powers, an important part was forcing Germany to admit to causing the war

Who had more men in ww1 Britain or Germany?


Was germany resposinble for the world war 2?

Many things are responsible for WW2, the harsh terms of the treaty of Versailles after WW1, which gave way to the rise of German Nationalism.

Who is Arthur Zimmerman?

He is the man responsible for USA entering WW1. He sent a telegram to Mexico promising them American land that they lost in the Spanish-American War if they allied with Germany in case the USA declared war against Germany.

Countries taken over by dictators after WW1?

After WW1 germany, Italy, and Japan had dictators. Germanys was HITLER:(

Was Germany in the war?

Both WW1 and WW2 yes. WW1 was the reason WW2 started.

Where did militarism grow the fastest in ww1?

In Germany.

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