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Was Germany part of the Triple Alliance in World War 1?


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They were in the Triple Alliance

The countries in the Triple Alliance were Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy.

The three countries in the Triple Alliance were Germany, then Austria-Hungary and Italy, this alliance lasted from 1882 till the beginning of World War I.Great Britain (A+ Anywhere)

Nations that were part of the triple alliance in 1882 include Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

Members of the Triple Entente were England, France, and Russia. Members of the Triple Alliance were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were in the Triple Alliance.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Germany's alliances were included Austria- Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire. They were also obviously Germany's Alliances!! Germay was part of a triple alliance.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and later Italy

Germany, Italy(In the beginning) and Aurtria-hungary beiong to The triple Alliance France ,Britain and Russia beiong to The triple Entente

Italy refused to honor its alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary in the triple alliance and joined the allied forces, being promised part of the territory in Austria after the war.

AnswerGermany was part of a group of countries called the Triple Alliance which was made up of them, Italy and Austria-Hungary.

Despite being part of the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany in the years leading up to World War 1, when war broke out in 1914 Italy chose to stay out of it. Italy then joined the Triple Entente with Britain, Russia, and France in 1915.

Austria-Hungary was part of the triple alliance along with Germany, Italy and the Turkish Empire. This alliance was against the Triple Entente which consisted of France, Great Britain and Russia although Russia later pulled out because of it's revolution later replaced by America in 1917.

Italy was a part of the Triple Alliance.

The Triple Alliance, also known as the Triple Entente, was composed of Russia, France, and the UK. By the end of the war, Russia had dropped out and Italy and the US had joined.

The triple alliance was formed in 1882 between Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy, who was not fully trusted due to its lack of power and industry. Unlike the triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia), the triple alliance was formed from one large agreement and not three several agreements between each of the powers.

Before World War I, Italy was a part of the Triple Alliance which was a military alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. However, once World War I broke out, the Italians remained neutral. Secretly, the Italians never truly planned to follow through with the Triple Alliance. The Triple Alliance was an expansion to the Dual Alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary, in which Germany created to prevent a two-front war. Italy was seen as a good candidate for this position and was approached by the Germans. They both offered to provide defense to each other if they were to be attacked by France. However, France approached Italy in 1902 and created the secret Franco-Italian alliance, in which too was a military alliance. So once war broke out, the Italians remained neutral for the beginning. But once they were promised Austrian land by the British and French, they joined the Allies (which was an extension of the Triple Entente, a military alliance between Russia, France, and the UK in response to the Triple Alliance).

nattiestThere were two main alliances involved in world war one;Triple alliance - this involved Germany, (Italy) ^Ottoman Empire^ and Austria-Hungary. The triple entente - this alliance involved Britain, France and Russia[entente is a word from the french language.]an alliance is when a country formally agrees to help out another, if it is in need of it. they join the same side and fight together against the enemy.hope that helps (:Italy switched Alliances during WWI and the Triple Alliance was Germany, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria Hungary. ^i added that part^

Belgium was the neutral country - it did not become part of the Triple Entente or the Triple Alliance.

There was the Triple Alliance which Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy were a part of and the Triple Entente which Britain, France and Russia were a part of. Also, the USA helped the Triple Entente, supplying them with weaponry and armies. I studied this in history earlier this year, I hope this helps!:)

The central powers during WW I were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire (aka turkey). They started from the Triple Alliance comprised of Germany, Austria-HUngary, and Italy, but Italy dropped out.In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire. Italy was part of that alliance but because it switched sides before the name changed from the triple alliance to the central powers it is generally not considered a central power.

Which Country was Part of The Triple Alliance? N ~United States, Canada, and Mexico are all a part of NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

In world war one there were two sides: The Triple Entente contained The United Kingdom, Russia and France and The Triple Alliance contained Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. However, later on in the war, in April 1915 Italy changed sides to the Triple Entente.

Yes. This formed part of the "Triple Entente"

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