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Hitler laid out his plans and strategy for GermanyÊin his book 'Mein Kampf.' Some argue that luck helped everything fall into place for Hitler, while others point to his book stating that he masterfully planned the outbreak of war.

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How do you use the word tactician in a sentence?

This versatile chess master is a wily tactician; be wary.

Napoleon was a great military what?

He was a military genius, a master tactician and strategist.

What did Hitler mean by master race?

The master race- Aryan, as Hitler described was blonde, blue eyed, and strongly built. This was the "pure breed" or "master race" as Hitler described.

Who was the master of Adolf Hitler?

Darth Vader

What did Hitler believe was the Master Race?

the Germans

What is Hitler master race?

The Aryan race.

Who did Hitler declare as the master race?


What is the master race with Hitler?

The Aryan race

Was the Master Race the Jews or the Nazis?

Hitler and his followers believed that the Germans were the master race.

What was Hitler views about Germany?

Hitler believed that Germans were a master race and it was their Destiny to conquer the world

What was the master race according to Hitler?

The Aryan race.

Who helped Hitler rise to power?

master cheif

What is the relation between the user and computer?

Similar to that of slave and master.

Why did Adolf Hitler gain his power?

Hitler think they are the master race and there was nazis.Nazi was the main source of there power.

What did Hitler call pure people?

Aryans. The master race.

What was the name Hitler gave to his ideal or master races?


What race did Hitler say Germans were?

he said they were the master race

Did Mussolini say Italians were a master race?

no that was Adolf Hitler

What did Adolf Hitler promise?

Adolph Hitler promised the Germans that they would rule the world and that they were to be the foundation of the Master race.

In League of Legends what are some abilities that Swain has?

Some of the abilities that Swain (from League of Legends) has are: carrion renewal, decrepify, nevermove, torment, and ravenous flock. He is also called the Master Tactician.

Why did Hitler not kill the master race two?

Hitler saw himself as leader of the master race, why would he want to kill it too? (Please note spelling of 'too' - 'two' is the numeral 2.)

Why exactly did Hitler do what he did?

He believed in a master race that was being harmed by the jews.

Which Nazi dictator believed the Germans were a master race?

Adolf Hitler.

What did Hitler call the master race?

The Germanic peoples calling them the Aryans.

For what reason the holocuast happened?

because Hitler wanted to have a "master race"

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