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Yes he was close to Klara! But not that overwhelmingly.

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How did Hitler feel about his mom?

Hitler loved his mom, eventhough sometimes he got mad at her, because she didn't stopped his father from beating Hitler or klara, his mom.

How old was Hitler when his mom died?

Hitler was 18 years of age when his mom died!

Who were Hitler mom and dad?

His dad was Alois Hitler and his mum was Klara Hitler.

Why did Hitler kill his mom?

Hitler did not kill his mom, she died from breast cancer. Hitler actually loved his mother very much and was devastated when she died.

Did Hitler have a mom?

Yes , of course , her name was Klara Hitler .

Who was Hitler mom?

Klara Pölzl, later Klara Hitler.

Was Hitler mom evel?


Did Hitler sleep with his mom?


How did Hitler kill his mom and dad?

Hitler did not kill his parents, they died from natural causes, his mom from cancer and his dad from a stroke.

Why did he become Adolph Hitler?

his mom gave birth to him and named him hitler.

Did Adolph Hitler mom died and did Adolph Hitler blame a Jew?


Why did Hitler invade?

to nail your mom.

Did Adolf Hitler like his mom as a mom?

Yes, Hitler loved his mother. However, he disliked his father very much indeed.

The name of Hitler mom and dad?

His father's name is Alois Hitler and his mother's name is Klara Hitler

What was the names of Adolf's dad?

Alois Hitler is his dad Klara Hitler is his mom

Who was Hitler dad and mom?

Alois Hitler was his father. Klara Pölzl was his mother.

Did Hitler hate his Mom and Dad and Why?

Yes he did

What was the anme of Hitler's mom?

Klara Hitler

Did Hitler have a strong bond with his mom?

Yes he did.

Who was Adolf hilters mom?

Klara Hitler

Who was Adolph Hitler parent?

Hitler's Mom and Dad's name was Alois and Klara Hitler.

Where did Hitler's mom and dad live?

Hitler mom and dad had live with hitler,they all had lived in the same house and the same year intil his mom and dad died. He was left on the streets by him self.

How close was Hitler from making the atomic bomb?

Not even close.

How close was Hitler to reaching his goal?

he was't close at all because America and china teamed up to kill hitler

Where did Hitler live as a small child to adult?

Hitler lived with his mom Annie and his dad bob