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Hitler wanted to revive the Roman Empire and take over the known world.

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Q: Was Hitler planning to take over only Germany?
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What area did Hitler and Germany take over first?

hitler only had one nutt

What was Hitler doing to take over Germany in 1938?

Oops. Hitler took over Germany in 1933.

Which country did aldolf Hitler rule over?

Hitler ruled over Germany.

When did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

Adolf Hitler took power of Germany in 1933.

When did Hitler take over Germany?

1933.He took over Germany in 1933.

How did Hitler lose power over Germany?

He only lost it when he killed himself on 30 April 1945.

When did Hitler take over in Germany?

in 1933.

Who rule over Nazi germany?


When was Hitler take over Germany?


Did Hitler live Germany win World War 2 was over?

Hitler died before WW2 was over.

When did Hitler began taken over?

Hitler began to take over Germany with the Nazi party in January 1933

Was hitler a dictator-?

Yes, Hitler was a dictator who established control over Nazi Germany.

Who was the ruler over Nazi Germany?

Adolph Hitler............

What country's did Hitler try and take over?


Did Hitler take over Germany in 1933?


Who took over power in Germany after ww1?


What year did Adolf Hitler have power over Germany?

Hitler was the dictator of Germany in 1933 and broke his promise on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.

How might the allied demand for unconditional surrender have helped Hitler to maintain his control over Germany?

Hitler Allies Demand Surrender Germany

What land did Hitler have?

Hitler owned the country of Germany. In WWII he took over many other countries, but he started off with just Germany

What places of Germany did adolf Hitler take over?

Hitler ruled the entire country of Germany and invaded 39 other countries.

What month did Hitler take over Germany?

January 1933

Who took over Poland in 1939?

Adolf Hitler and Germany.

What was the End result of Hitler?

In the end, the Allies closed in on Germany and trapped them. Hitler was very scared. He new it was over for him. He committed suicide and Germany surrendered.

How was Germany appeased over by Sudetenland?

Germany was appeased over by Sudetenland because Hitler believed that it should be part of Germany since they spoke German and they were Germans.

Is Germany a third world country?

Hitler is rolling over in his grave...