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Was Justin Bieber in Selena Gomez video round and round?


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2011-09-13 16:22:45
2011-09-13 16:22:45

NO he wasn't even though from the side it some how looked similar to Justin Bieber it wasn't him.

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First, its who not how. second, Selena Gomez.

its the album by Selena Gomez the album is called round and round

well her best hit i think was hit the lights,who says,round and round and thats it these are the best songs ever from selena gomez hey is justin biber single ask him out for me

I'd guess round round or oval.

Selena Gomez made round and round don't know about the other

Is the year without rain, round and round an who says :)

The third single of Selena Gomez & the Scene was Round & Round.

Who know maybe round and round by Selena gomez I don't know

Year without rain. Naturally. Round and round

because she wanted to. she liked the song that popped into her mind

No. Round and Round is on Selena Gomez's second CD, A Year Without Rain. Her first CD is called Kiss 'n' Tell.

round and round is on the album called a year without rain

Yes, Selena Gomez is inspired by Lady Gaga. Just look at her video's. Like Round and round, naturally, etc. Just watch them and you'll see the spice of Lady Gaga that Selena puts into her videos.

Top 8 Most Annoying Songs of Our Generation 01- Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me 02- Hannah Montana, Best of Both Worlds (Movie Remix) 03- Justin Bieber, Baby 04- Camp Rock Cast, It's On 05- Selena Gomez, Round and Round 06- Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place Theme Song 07- Unknown, SpongeBob Theme Song 08- Hannah Montana, Ordinary Girl

Selena Gomez does not song anything Christian. Her song "I Won't Apoligize" was previously a dating song. "Round 'n' Round" "Tell me Something I Don't Know" and "Naturally" are not Christian.

Selena Gomez probably helped a lot writing the song, like most singers do. But, remember she probably didn't do all of the lyrics, all of the lyrics, and that stuff. But, she was a great help in the process.

Selena Gomez is Mexican she is from Texas but back round is Mexican. She may be Texican like Eva Longoria, family is hispanic but in Texas over 6 generations.

No, but there are gossips going round that she did and its not true what people are saying about her that she is pregnant.

I'm no Selena Gomez fan but I'm pretty sure it came out in 2010! :) :)

yep.......if u not believe compare A Year Without Rain with Round and Round

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