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It is my understanding that the Lake View community is bounded by Fullerton Avenue on the South, to Devon Avenue on the North, and from the Lakeshore to Western Avenue on the West.

In the book �Historic City: The Settlement of Chicago� published by the City of Chicago in 1976 (Library of Congress Card Number: 76-49765), are fold-out color coded Community Settlement maps for the years 1840, 1860 and 1870 which do not show an Irish settlement, however, the map for the year 1900 does show three Irish settlements. My best estimates of the approximate color-coded areas on the map are as follows:

Area I: 5200 to 5600 North and from 1200 to 1600 West.

Area II: 3000 to 3200 North and from 500 West to the North Branch, Chicago River.

Area III: 2900 to 3100 North and from 600 to 1300 West.

The information was based on census data, church records and general histories.

A correction to my earlier estimate of Area II. It should read:

Area II: 3000 to 3200 North and from [2100] West to the North Branch, Chicago River.

My understanding is that it was not primarily Irish, most of whom were on th near west side. It had a large German and Luxembourgish population (allegedly the largest Luxembourgish population outside of the Grand Duchy).

Lake View is on the North Side. Most Irish in Chicago live on the South Side.

Still has one of the highest Irish populations in Chicago. Check the Census Bureau's web site.

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Q: Was Lakeview an Irish section of Chicago?
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No, it's not. It's filled with Young Urban Professionals (YUPPIE's) of all nationalities. Very expensive to live there now. If you own property where you bought it in the "old days", you are sitting on a gold mine. That neighborhood has gone through many changes. I know, I grew up there and my family continues to live there. Hope this answers your question! Sorry to inform that Lakeview is neither Irish nor affordable nor the friendly place it was when I moved there in 1987. As recent as the early 1990's East Lakeview was written up in the Chicago Reader as the most class diverse, ethnically diverse, lifestyle diverse neighborhood in the city. It had an energy and community at that time. As often is the case, the paradise of the working class is coveted by the rich, and those who could have afforded to live anywhere pushed out those who had found an affordable cosmopolitan haven. There are good memories of Lakeview as you may have too. Fortunatley there are other neighborhoods that are now what Lakeview was. Lake View was never an Irish neighborhood. Chicago Irish neighborhoods are all on the south side. There are still quite a few South Side Irish neighborhoods today.

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