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Q: Was Matthew modine ever a real wrestler?
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What is Zach ryder real name?

His real name is Matthew Joseph Cardona, Jr.

What is Zack Ryders real name?

If you mean Zack Ryder, the WWE Professional Wrestler, then his name is Matthew Cardona.

What is the real name of professional wrestler Matt Striker?

The real name of professional wrestler Matt Striker is actually Matthew Kaye, however he is best known by his stage name, Matt Striker. He is currently signed on with WWE as a colour commentator and does some acting gigs on the side.

What is the Wrestler Homicide's real name?

The wrestler Homicide's real name is Nelson Erazo.

Who is better Kane or boogeyman?

Kane is better in real life because undertaker the best wrestler ever traind him

Is boogey man real?

If you mean the wrestler then it is just the part of the wrestler or the monster then no.

How tall is Matthew Real?

Matthew Real is 5' 9".

What is the real name of the wrestler known as Sabu?

The real name of the wrestler known as Sabu is "Terry Michael Brunk". Terry is an American professional wrestler born in 1964, and is well known for his extreme wrestling style.

What is Elijah Burke the wrestler real name?

Elijah Burke is his real name.

Was Owens death real?

Yes it is real. Owen hart the wrestler is dead

What is the wrestler Cains real name?

kane's real name is glen jacobs,

What is the wrestler the boogeyman's real name?

Martin Wright